The MACEP has joined the Federal Physicdal Activity Guidelines Coalition

The adoption of the first federal Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans in 2008 was a major step toward better health for individ
ages. In 2006, ACSM had rallied more than 40 organizations to make
the first public call for the establishment of U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines. Such Guideline
g the latest scientific information, are central to the mission and success of both our organizations as well as to the health of all Americans.
The need now is to ensure that the Department of Health and Human Services regularly updates and promotes the Guidelines at least every five years, as is done with federal dietary guidelines. To that end, we have worked with Members of Congress and their staff to introduce bills to do just that in both the U.S. House (H.R. 3851) and Senate (S. 1810).
The Federal Physical Activity Guidelines Coalition will work to educate Congress and encouraging them to get the job done -- either in this session or by the new Congress that will convene in January.

We hear time and time again the same call to action: exercise. But with activity levels stagnant and obesity levels ever on the rise, simply telling Americans to move might not be enough.
May 3, 2010 will mark the release of our nation’s first Physical Activity Plan in Washington, DC. This call to action takes an altern...ative, policy-based approach to the health of the country. Rather than only reinforcing the importance of physical activity, the Plan’s true goal is to make it fundamentally difficult for Americans not to be active.

MACEP Joins the Exercise is Medicineä Initiative

The Massachusetts Association of Clinical Exercise Physiologists (MACEP) recently became an official supporter of the Exercise is Medicine(EIM) initiative; a program launched by the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Medical Association, and more than 50 other organizations.


The goal of the Exercise is Medicine™ initiative is to encourage physicians, regardless of specialty, to record physical activity as a vital sign during patient visits, and to conclude each visit with an exercise prescription or a referral to an ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist* or an ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist for an exercise prescription.

In support of Exercise is Medicineä Month, Clinical Exercise Physiologist’s (CEP) are encouraged to contact physicians and offer their expertise in prescribing appropriate exercise programs for patients. The EIM web site offers a downloadable Action and Promotion Toolkit providing guidance for CEP’s to work effectively with physicians and other healthcare providers, and to promote themselves as a credible referral source.

Please click the EIM logo or visit the Web site for additional information. You will find a more detailed description of Exercise is Medicine™ as well as educational materials for patients, the media, and policy makers.