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The field of Exercise Physiology is in transition from one that was historically research based to one that is more clinically based. MACEP is dedicated to strengthening the CEP profession in Massachusetts. Navigate through our site to learn more about MACEP and the profession of CEPs.  If you need more information or have a question, please contact us at MACEPmail@gmail.com.

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Exercise is Medicine - Addressing the needs of Special Populations

April 20th at Quincy College, Presentations:

Exercise & Bariatrics: The Key to Being a "Winner" while Losing
Working wit the Deconditioned Client
Exercise & Neurological Conditions
A Proven approach for Reducing Fat & Rebuilding Mucsle

 Exercise: Impact on Successful Aging
Exercise & Neurological Conditions
Home Exercise Training: Doing a Lot with Little
Reducing Fat & Building Muscle

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Photos from the 2012 MACEP Annual Meeting:
Exercise Is Medicine – Primary Prevention to Chronic Disease Management
Sherman Auditorium at the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Longwood area of Boston.
September 2011 UPDATE:

Being a Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP) is a very rewarding profession. To work with a diverse client population promoting exercise and its application in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease and special medical conditions is tremendously gratifying. With a growing understanding of the benefits exercise and changes in national health care reform, CEP will play a larger role in the health care setting.


Such changes take time, resources and require the involvement of many stakeholders like you. The Massachusetts Association of Clinical Exercise Physiologist (MACEP) continues to work with policymakers, health care professionals and the public to enact legislation. On Tuesday, October 18th MACEP will go before the Public Health Committee in support of Senate Bill No. 1072, An Act Relative to Establish Registration for Clinical Exercise Physiologist.


To have our voice be heard, we need your support. You can help by contacting state senators and representatives asking them to support House Bill No. 1882 and Senate Bill No. 1072.


Templated Support Letters to send to Representatives and Senators of the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure:


Download copy of  Senator Letter

Download copy of  Representative Letter


Please refer to the MACEP link, August Legislative Update for contact information for these Legislators.
If you have questions, please contact the MACEP Legislative Committee by responding to this e-mail or call Michael See, MS, RCEP, CDE at 617-309-4466.



June 6 UPDATE:

This is a critical time for Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEPs) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and we need your support! The Massachusetts Association of Clinical Exercise Physiologist (MACEP) has been working hard to further our profession by garnering legislative support for licensure of CEPs. The next few weeks will be critical as our bill will come before the legislative committee at the State House. We need all CEPs to let their voices be heard by contacting your state legislators.  To find out whom your legislators are visit http://www.malegislature.gov/people/findmylegislator . An e-mail or phone call to your legislator saying you support House Bill 01882 will help show your support. MACEP has materials available that you can share with your legislators explaining why this is an important piece of legislation. 
Download a copy of Senate Bill Support Letter.
Read more about MACEP legislative initiatives, highlights from our recent annual meeting and more in the
summer newsletter  If you are not currently a MACEP member, show your support by joining. 
Be Healthy, Be Active, Be Happy

We need one moment of your time! Image that in 10-20 years that exercise will be considered an effective therapy in the prevention and treatment of many chronic health conditions. Conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and frailty. Such services will not be delievered by nurses, dieticians, or physical therapist, but by trained and licensed exercise professionals.
The majority of states will recognize licensure of Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP) and health insurance will provide reimbursement for their services.
Here in Massachusetts this vision is closer than you think. But we need your help! The Massacusetts Association of Clinical Exericise Physiologist (MACEP) legislative committee has has been working hard at securing sponsorship for licensure legislation. We have secure sponsorship from members of the house and senate and are in need of additional sponsors. Our deadline for sponsors is Friday, February 4th.
It will take you a just a moment to contact your legislator(s) and ask for support for this important legislation. MACEP has an extensive library of materials that we can provide you to share with your legislator(s) in support of our bill.
You only have to do one thing? Email us at MACEPmail@gmail.com and a committee member will contact you. Clinical Exercise Physiologist like you, do outstanding work and you should be recognized for it. We have to step-up and tell others the extensive training and important work we do. Please join us!
Please Join Us!  Be Active, Healthy, and Happy!
MACEP Legislative Committee:  Randi Lite, MS, RCEP - Chair, Dawn Sweerus, MS, RCEP, Michael See, MS, RCEP, CDE, Robert Berry, MS, RCEP, FAACVPR,
Nancy O'Hare, PhD., RCEP

We hear time and time again the same call to action: exercise. But with activity levels stagnant and obesity levels ever on the rise, simply telling Americans to move might not be enough. May 3, 2010 will mark the release of our nation’s first Physical Activity Plan in Washington, DC. This call to action takes an alternative, policy-based approach to the health of the country. Rather than only reinforcing the importance of physical activity, the Plan’s true goal is to make it fundamentally difficult for Americans not to be active.

MACEP Joins the Exercise is Medicineä Initiative

The Massachusetts Association of Clinical Exercise Physiologists (MACEP) recently became an official supporter of the Exercise is Medicine(EIM) initiative; a program launched by the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Medical Association, and more than 50 other organizations.


The goal of the Exercise is Medicine™ initiative is to encourage physicians, regardless of specialty, to record physical activity as a vital sign during patient visits, and to conclude each visit with an exercise prescription or a referral to an ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist* or an ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist for an exercise prescription.

In support of Exercise is Medicineä Month, Clinical Exercise Physiologist’s (CEP) are encouraged to contact physicians and offer their expertise in prescribing appropriate exercise programs for patients. The EIM web site offers a downloadable Action and Promotion Toolkit providing guidance for CEP’s to work effectively with physicians and other healthcare providers, and to promote themselves as a credible referral source.

Please click the EIM logo or visit the Web site www.exerciseismedicine.org for additional information. You will find a more detailed description of Exercise is Medicine™ as well as educational materials for patients, the media, and policy makers.