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Uploading Files

posted 17 Feb 2012, 14:44 by Kemal Ahmed   [ updated 7 Apr 2013, 07:33 ]
Thank you everyone who has uploaded files here! It really demonstrates your appreciation for this site and your dedication to helping the other members of our faculty.

In case you were wondering, the uploader script uploads your files to a folder of mine that is not the google docs folder where the files come from. I check the folder once or twice a week. I download the file and examine it to make sure I am allowed to upload it.

I am not allowed to upload the following:
- Assignment/lab solutions, however, question sheets are ok. So if you want to post just the questions or erase the answers, that's fine.
- Textbooks and other copyrighted material

Suggestions for uploading files:

1. If you would like to save content from a webpage that does not violate the above, it will be much easier for you and much smaller if you do one of the following:
    A) Use snipping tool OR other screen capturing tools
    B) Print to PDF. Not sure how? Click here. Also, if you have personal information on the PDF and you do not have editing software, feel free to download this PDF annotation software (don't worry, it's not a direct download). I have used it for annotating the lecture notes I have posted.
    C) I suggest against taking pictures of your monitor with a camera.

2. In case you did not notice, I name my tests from most important information to least important. It will be much easier for me and more organized for you if you upload tests in this fashion. However, if you are feeling lazy, I will do this for you. I do not want to have to deduce some of the information, if it is not clear because it takes a lot of time.

This is a rough template: <Course> <Code> <Type of evaluation(Exam/Quiz/Test)> <Eval Number> <Eval Year> <Eval Season> <Eval Version>

For example: Math 1ZB3 Test 2 2011 Winter v3

3. Feel free to send me a message via the blog, email, or Facebook if you are uploading something. That way I will review the file immediately. Also, I can help you make or save or upload the file before you have made it.