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posted 13 Apr 2014, 21:45 by Kemal Ahmed
Thank you everyone who contributed to the site! I encourage you to continue your contributions.

Many of you are probably still confused as to why I threatened to shut down the site. I'm generally not the threatening type, so don't worry-you'll never see anything like this in the future. I'm not going to be dissatisfied if contributions stop coming in and threaten everyone again.

Some said that it doesn't take much to just keep the site up the way it is. I believe Google will close Google Sites because they have already closed AdSense on Google Sites. In order for this resource to stay forever, I need to make a new site. However, I know that I would have to put in a lot of time and effort into making a website with the features that I want (and you can suggest more features!). I didn't want to make the site for an unwilling community and I don't think that a selfish community deserves even this site. That is why I threatened to close down this website.

Me this summer

Luckily, you guys uploaded:

Engineering files: 155

Non-engineering files:

Non-unique (i.e. deleted): 42

Unacceptable (i.e. deleted) [assignments/textbooks/authors denying use of notes/etc.]: 47

...and there's more coming!

Some of the features will include:
  • Upload directly to the site
  • See it as it's uploaded
  • Attach your name to the file (optional)
  • Automated admin
  • Attach personal links, instead of uploading them, so you can upload them at the beginning of the year and change your notes as you go along
  • Rate other people's files
  • Comment on other people's files
  • More
I have some design ideas, but if you have any suggestions or design ideas, post on the Mac Course Database Community Group on Facebook or send me an e-mail if you don't have Facebook. One idea that I have in mind is potentially having a campaign where everyone colours their thumb and uploads the picture to the site and that will make up the background. This will resemble that we're all a community, kinda like the following picture, except everyone will get their own rectangle to be creative: