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Advocating for an official website

posted 17 Feb 2012, 15:45 by Kemal Ahmed   [ updated 2 May 2012, 08:36 ]
Dear colleagues,

My brother is a University of Toronto Engineering Science student (I know, "How could I have let him do this?"). He suggested we request the MES to host the files, similar to  how their faculty of engineering owns a server that archives exams. So if you have any good connections with MES representatives, please inform them about this link and hopefully it will inspire them to make it.

The reason why I think this is so important is because professors consistently copy questions from previous evaluations. As a result, some people simply memorize the answers to previous tests and do well. As a responsible engineering student, I am very much against this. Making an official archive that is easy to use and access will mean professors will be forced to make new tests every time. The purpose of me posting these tests is to give you practice with the concepts, not tell you exactly what to look out for. We pay a similar tuition that University of Toronto students pay, so I think the professors should put an equal amount of time when making evaluations for us.