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Thank you everyone who contributed to the site! I encourage you to continue your contributions.

Many of you are probably still confused as to why I threatened to shut down the site. I'm generally not the threatening type, so don't worry-you'll never see anything like this in the future. I'm not going to be dissatisfied if contributions stop coming in and threaten everyone again.

Some said that it doesn't take much to just keep the site up the way it is. I believe Google will close Google Sites because they have already closed AdSense on Google Sites. In order for this resource to stay forever, I need to make a new site. However, I know that I would have to put in a lot of time and effort into making a website with the features that I want (and you can suggest more features!). I didn't want to make the site for an unwilling community and I don't think that a selfish community deserves even this site. That is why I threatened to close down this website.

Me this summer

Luckily, you guys uploaded:

Engineering files: 155

Non-engineering files:

Non-unique (i.e. deleted): 42

Unacceptable (i.e. deleted) [assignments/textbooks/authors denying use of notes/etc.]: 47

...and there's more coming!

Some of the features will include:
  • Upload directly to the site
  • See it as it's uploaded
  • Attach your name to the file (optional)
  • Automated admin
  • Attach personal links, instead of uploading them, so you can upload them at the beginning of the year and change your notes as you go along
  • Rate other people's files
  • Comment on other people's files
  • More
I have some design ideas, but if you have any suggestions or design ideas, post on the Mac Course Database Community Group on Facebook or send me an e-mail if you don't have Facebook. One idea that I have in mind is potentially having a campaign where everyone colours their thumb and uploads the picture to the site and that will make up the background. This will resemble that we're all a community, kinda like the following picture, except everyone will get their own rectangle to be creative:


How I find files

posted 15 Mar 2013, 21:19 by Kemal Ahmed

A lot of people have asked me how to find files. To be continued...

Logging in

posted 9 Mar 2012, 19:32 by Kemal Ahmed   [ updated 6 Jan 2013, 08:04 ]

(Please use your McMaster e-mail address)

*make sure you haven't already signed in with your other Gmail*

If you are trying to open a document, you may notice that it may ask you to log in. If you have been given special permissions, login using your regular gmail account. A login menu will appear when you click on your first document.

It is unfortunate that a login has had to be implemented. However, other schools should not have open access to the material. Just say a prof from U of T saw this site, they could use the questions on their own tests. With the new McMaster Google docs, I have the ability to give everyone who goes to McMaster permission to access it and prevent anyone else. If you wish to sign in from a different email address other than your McMaster email address, send me an email saying so. Make sure the email has the following information:

-A title
-Your name
-the email address you want me to give permissions to

Note that this site was made for you guys. I don't benefit from it - I have all the files offline, so if you have any ideas on how to run the site better, I'm all ears. Just leave a post on the forum page.


posted 28 Feb 2012, 13:13 by Kemal Ahmed   [ updated 19 Nov 2012, 10:35 ]

Some people were asking if I could put statistics on this site. Now I don't want to look like I'm showing off and I'm not trying to get money from this site, so I never had intentions of having that posted on the website, so I was wondering if you guys want it.

I looked around a bit and didn't find anything that would take the information that has already been gathered. There probably is something and if you are good enough with Google Analytics that you know how to apply them, give me a shout. But if a high enough percentage of people say yes, than it will probably be in plain text, like this:

As of 16:06 28/02/12, 1144 different people have visited this site 3,124 times and seen 7966 pages.

Advocating for an official website

posted 17 Feb 2012, 15:45 by Kemal Ahmed   [ updated 2 May 2012, 08:36 ]

Dear colleagues,

My brother is a University of Toronto Engineering Science student (I know, "How could I have let him do this?"). He suggested we request the MES to host the files, similar to  how their faculty of engineering owns a server that archives exams. So if you have any good connections with MES representatives, please inform them about this link and hopefully it will inspire them to make it.

The reason why I think this is so important is because professors consistently copy questions from previous evaluations. As a result, some people simply memorize the answers to previous tests and do well. As a responsible engineering student, I am very much against this. Making an official archive that is easy to use and access will mean professors will be forced to make new tests every time. The purpose of me posting these tests is to give you practice with the concepts, not tell you exactly what to look out for. We pay a similar tuition that University of Toronto students pay, so I think the professors should put an equal amount of time when making evaluations for us.

Uploading Files

posted 17 Feb 2012, 14:44 by Kemal Ahmed   [ updated 7 Apr 2013, 07:33 ]

Thank you everyone who has uploaded files here! It really demonstrates your appreciation for this site and your dedication to helping the other members of our faculty.

In case you were wondering, the uploader script uploads your files to a folder of mine that is not the google docs folder where the files come from. I check the folder once or twice a week. I download the file and examine it to make sure I am allowed to upload it.

I am not allowed to upload the following:
- Assignment/lab solutions, however, question sheets are ok. So if you want to post just the questions or erase the answers, that's fine.
- Textbooks and other copyrighted material

Suggestions for uploading files:

1. If you would like to save content from a webpage that does not violate the above, it will be much easier for you and much smaller if you do one of the following:
    A) Use snipping tool OR other screen capturing tools
    B) Print to PDF. Not sure how? Click here. Also, if you have personal information on the PDF and you do not have editing software, feel free to download this PDF annotation software (don't worry, it's not a direct download). I have used it for annotating the lecture notes I have posted.
    C) I suggest against taking pictures of your monitor with a camera.

2. In case you did not notice, I name my tests from most important information to least important. It will be much easier for me and more organized for you if you upload tests in this fashion. However, if you are feeling lazy, I will do this for you. I do not want to have to deduce some of the information, if it is not clear because it takes a lot of time.

This is a rough template: <Course> <Code> <Type of evaluation(Exam/Quiz/Test)> <Eval Number> <Eval Year> <Eval Season> <Eval Version>

For example: Math 1ZB3 Test 2 2011 Winter v3

3. Feel free to send me a message via the blog, email, or Facebook if you are uploading something. That way I will review the file immediately. Also, I can help you make or save or upload the file before you have made it.


posted 1 Feb 2012, 20:49 by Kemal Ahmed   [ updated 1 Feb 2012, 20:49 ]

Physics 1D03 Notes are by Dr. McKay, Physics 1E03 are by Dr.Okon.

The chemistry notes were made by Dr. Barbier, the physics notes were made by Dr. McKay, the ENG 1C03 notes were made by Dr. Doyle.

If I have something that you think should be cited, please leave a comment in the forum section.

McMaster File-sharing: how to use DC++

posted 17 Dec 2011, 18:12 by Kemal Ahmed   [ updated 19 Nov 2012, 10:36 ]

If you are an off-campus student, you will first need to follow the steps on this page to connect to the McMaster network.

McMaster students have set up a file-sharing network, known as DC++ that allows you to share your files and download files from other McMaster students. If you are on-campus, you can access any of the material that is shared on the network. However, if you are off-campus, you can only access about 90% of the files because some people have limited themselves to the McMaster network. There are lots of things on there, such as movies, games, textbooks, tests, notes, and more. I have much more stuff there than I have here, since I have a 1GB limit on this website, so I highly suggest you start using it.

To use it, you must download a DC++ host. Next, add the following hub:




1. Go to file and then settings

2. Select Sharing (then search your laptop for movies/music.. etc and you must upload at least 500 MB of content before you can actually start downloading from other people) There will be a progress bar of DC++ hashing (basically indexing and making a list of all your material). Note: it is expected that you share at least 5GB of material, however, it is not mandatory. It is also expected that you have a minimum 1MB/s upload speed (mine is 125MB/s).

**Make sure you have 2 extra empty upload slots open (ie if you have one folder of uploads, then you should have a total of three upload slots)

3. Once thats done click okay at the bottom

4. Click on the star symbol at the top (which is favourites)

5. Click new and then in address enter in:

6. Put in anything you want for all the other information (I recommend, Residence and Faculty)

 7. Click okay and then double click on the hub and your in :D




- Kitarity has lots of Music, Manga, TV Shows, Anime, and Movies

- WuZheng has applications, TV Shows, and random stuff.

- jaggedcow has a lot of new and old Movies, TV Shows, and other random stuff.

- Duartes16 has a lot of school stuff, movies, TV shows, and Documentaries


- Share. Share a lot. This system only works if everyone contributes something.

- If no one downloads the stuff you offer for about a week or two try swapping it to something different.

- Did I mention sharing? 

If it's not working you are probably doing one of two things:

1) You are searching in the chat bar

2) You are not in passive mode

3) You aren't sharing enough

4) Your firewall is blocking it.


Further Reading on some functions:


posted 9 Dec 2011, 16:26 by Kemal Ahmed   [ updated 9 Jan 2012, 17:50 ]

Sorry guys, I'm not sure about what I may be violating and how to ensure that I do not get into trouble for breaking the student code of conduct, so the files are temporarily unavailable.

Edit: I spoke to the VP of Academics and he said that I am permitted to share the files as long as I do not misrepresent them.

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