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Structure and Funding

Structure of Clan Association

The Council and Executive of MacDermot Clan association has been temporarily disbanded but can be re-established if and when interest is rekindled amongst the membership.

Funding of Clan Association

In order for the Clan Association to adequately provide all of the facilities listed in "Aims of MacDermot Clan Association", a greater level of funding will be necessary, over and above the funds received from annual members subscriptions and sale of merchandise.

The MacDermot Trust will be established with the sole purpose of generating, receiving and administering funds raised for the activities of the Clan Association

Members of the Executive will be encouraged to engage in fund raising activities in their area for this purpose.

Donations are welcome. Recognition will be afforded where requested. No donations will be accepted from organisations or individuals if the receipt of such a donation would be seen to compromise the position of the MacDermot Clan Association.

Note to members

MacDermot Clan Association is non profit making. We do not hold to any political, religious or sociological or economic viewpoints, and would not wish our members to use our forum to express privately held convictions.

Rory MacDermot
for and on behalf of
MacDermot Clan Association.

September 1999