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Aims of MacDermot Clan Association

  • To encourage interest in the MacDermot Clan, and foster studies on its history, in particular:
  • to gather genealogical records of MacDermot families and their descendants throughout the world

    to source valuable information about MacDermot famlies from public and private libraries and archives

    to disseminate amongst members historical and non-confidential genealogical information about the Clan

  • To promote interest in MacDermot history, culture and heritage to include the preservation and exploration of historical and archaeological sites associated with the Clan.

  • To establish a centre in Ireland for MacDermot Clan studies; to house clan archives, genealogical research and artifacts.

  • To encourage fellowship amongst MacDermots, in particular through The Clan Gathering and local reunions, printed media and the Internet.

For the purposes of this document the spelling MacDermot includes all accepted variants of the name.