MacChyver Tech

What's with the Name?

 Blame it on Jefferson High School's Football Coach.

Karen teaches along side Bruce Pickens, a varsity football coach with a penchant for nicknames. While he is an amazing English teacher, his tech skills are a bit lacking; so he relies on Karen for tech support. Early on Bruce starting calling her "MacChyver" because "She can fix anything." The name stuck.

Services for Schools and Businesses

Interactive Professional Development

Karen believes that the days of sit & get professional development should be numbered. As much as possible Karen involves her audience in the planning of each session. She encourages back-channels and encourages questions throughout.  Karen  believes that she should learn as much from you as you did from her. See our workshops page for topics

Coaching for Schools and Educators

Individual support and coaching services for technology integration .Leading book studies and facilitating on site PLCs is also available.

Statistics for Schools and Non-Profits

If your school doesn't have access to a statistician and desires more analysis than what is provided by the testing companies, or if you school conducts its own research, MacChyver Tech can crunch the numbers for you.  
Services for Individuals

Statistical Analysis for Graduate Students

Statistical analysis for PhD and Master's Degree candidates and for academic publications. We'll crunch the numbers so you don't have to. 


Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Study Skills. 

English Language/Literature, Writing, Mathematics, and Study Skills.

Undergraduate Level Composition, Calculus I, II, III, Statistics. (Potential for other courses).

Special Education Advocacy

Support for parents and students at IEPS. Preparation and consultation available.