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Welcome to Mac Aspect
    Mac Aspect is a development company for Macintosh. Started in september 2008 by a student in Hong Kong named Tom Jenkins. We have grown rapidly and undertook our first big development...     MacPaint X. We knew that MacPaint X will be a hard application to develop, with hard critics beyond us we tried and are still trying to excel in what MacPaint gave us in OS.

What is MacPaint X?
     MacPaint X is currently the only development Mac Aspect is currently doing... MacPaint X is a basic drawing tool for Mac which is based off the original MacPaint that was created by Apple for OS.        MacPaint X comes with also many other small Applets such as a auto saver and updater which makes it one of the best and unique drawing application for OS X. MacPaint X trys to                          exceed with simplicity which means it can cover a large Target Market Group, from children learning how to draw on there first computer... To adults doing a quick sketch!
     If you wish to get a copy of this donationware, then simply just download from the attachment below! MacPaint X is still in BETA but 1.0 will be released early next year!

Any new devolopments coming?
    Mac Aspect will be planning to extend its range of products at the start of the next year (the release of MacPaint 1.0) These applications right now are being of thought of - We want to make                  something which is needed for a Mac but also exceeds with simplicity! We can our products to be able to used by novice mac users to advanced ones! If you have any ideas please just comment        on this page! [GMAIL account needed]

Below in the Attachments are the downloads to all our products - These are all updated so a older version is never received!
On the comment drawer you may comment anything, from ideas of devolopment to reviews on are already released products! Please state though what your comment is about!
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Tom Jenkins,
Dec 6, 2008, 3:40 AM