Macalester Bell

Research Interests

Welcome!   I'm an associate professor at Bryn Mawr College and Chair of the Department of Philosophy.  

My primary teaching and research interests are in ethics and moral psychology.  I also teach and do some research in aesthetics and feminist philosophy.  I am especially interested in the appropriate attitudinal responses to serious wrongdoing and what I call "badbeing."  I have published several papers on forgiveness and the virtues and vices of anger; in my book, Hard Feelings: The Moral Psychology of Contempt, I explore the dangers and moral importance of contempt for persons.  I have two new papers that will be published soon: "Forgiving the Dead" is forthcoming in Social Philosophy & Policy and "On the Virtue of Taking Oneself Lightly" is forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics.  

I am committed to increasing diversity in philosophy.  To that end, I have worked as both a graduate and faculty mentor at Rutgers' Summer Institute for Diversity and as a faculty mentor at the Mentoring Project for Pre-Tenure Women Faculty in Philosophy.  I am concerned about threats to viewpoint diversity in philosophy and in academia more generally, and I joined Heterodox Academy in 2017.