Running On Fumes

  Running On Fumes  
By Gregory MacAdam

 Written and illustrated by Gregory MacAdam
 Copyright 2012 
 Printed by Lulu  www.lulu.com
 ID: 12506092

     Publisher:    +MVM+
                        MacAdam Visual Media
                        8837 West St. Peters
                        R. R. # 2  Morell  PEI  Canada
                        C0A 1S0

                                                               Available through:   MacAdam Visual Media and Lulu          
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What's Inside:                                                                              
A collection of over 80 one panel gags 
featuring scenes from ordinary and extraordinary life, 
from talking animals to crazy situations. 
For children of all ages.
So sit right back, don't forget the hot chocolate and enjoy!