pix last updated on Aug.14, 2008

Mac-22 (1978) "Valentina" Home port: Chicago, IL

First time out on Lake Michigan- "happy sailor" (July 2005)


Inna at the helm (July 2005)

moments sailors live for...(Aug.2005)

...rough day on Lake Michigan (Sept. 2006)



"Hey, are you ready yet...?" (Sept. 2006)



Ready for the big water...(June 2007)


happy sailor-II


coming back... wind about 4-5 kts, "running" wing to wing, using a boat hook to spread the jib out.


First weekend of Oct. 2007 12-15 kts, 3-4 ft seas-choppy going 6 knots on a beam reach...



Dead calm on Lake Winnebago...last day of the trip we motored out to the middle of the lake, 

set anchor and went for a swim...


Sail trim...great times on Lake Winnebago, WI only 4 hours away by car. 

Camped out in the woods, dropped the boat in the lake and sailed every day for a week....SUPER TRIP

On a 4-th day got her going 7 knots upwind...it was blowing 20+ had no time to take pix then.(not on this pic...this one was a day before.)


Under the Old Russian NAVY flag...Sept 2007


"Frozen deram" Feb.1, 2008 (same tarp second year in a row...still holding...)



Another great trip to Lake Winnebago, WI.

We camped out at the High Cliff State Park, it has a nice marina with reasonably priced slips. The weather was great all week, winds were gusty at times, but manageable.