Mac-22 (1978) "Valentina"  Home port: Chicago, IL

Lines aft (starboard).  You might call it an overkill on a 22 ft boat, but it sure looks nice.(As my sailing instructor said: "...Sailing is all about making it look good. If it doesn't look good, it is probably not right !..." I bought all those parts on e-bay and got a good deal on all of them. What really counts is it works like a charm! I absolutely love the clutch concept! So, here they are: Spinlock T-50 (3)  deck organizer,  Easylock MIDI (3) rope clutch and Barlow 15 winch. 

Here is a better view of the overall layout . I'm planning to add another  T50 organizer, cluth and winch on the portside as well (after I win a lottery...)


View of starboard organizer before I installed a portside organizer.




Installed a portside organizer.  You can see the way I mounted babystays for mast raising system. Right on the top of the organizer with a 5/16 lifting eye bolt. I don't remove babystays while sailing.



I also rebuilt and monified a traveler. Instead of using teak base for the rail I used HDPE and also replaced end blocks with new Harken  40mm carbo blocks ($17 each on e-bay). I used 2 Harken 150 cam cleats and also offset them aft slightly for better reach. Works great. is another view...

I removed the original stanchions that were bent and rusty, plus they were sitting so low that did not add any support while walking on deck. These rails I purchased on Ebay ($5 a piece-what a deal) (4 for each side) Feel much safer walking on deck without worrying about my foor slipping off. They play arole of a toe rail. You can also see 2 turnbuckles that a previous owner tried to upgrade the original stay adjusters with...well, turnbuckles generally work great for adjusting shroud tension, only these particular ones are too weak, plus the shroud themselves were stretched out so much, so these turnbuckles were at the adjustment limit. Needed to replace them for sure! The website I purchased the new shrouds from is http://www.SALTYDOGMARINE.COM I went with 1/4 open body tornbuckles(that I purchased on ebay too...needless to say-cheap (and brand new). The SALTYDOG are out of state of  Michigan. ( next door), It took them some tome to make the shrouds (i guess they were busy with other orders...but I'm happy with how they had done things for me. Will post a pic with new shrouds soon.

Over the4-th of July  weekend I installed a couple of cool things on our Valentina...a home made mast raising system that uses our mainsheet block-n-tackle setup and a 6 foot aluminum gin-pole (purchased at Menards for only $16 It 's a concrete leveler extension handle). I already had a crutch for the mast, just improved it slightly by replacing a wooden 2x4 with a 1" stainless pipe and putting a roller on it. (bought the roller at Bass-pro  for $7. I also installed a  single line reefing system by Harken that I got  on e-bay for cheap several months ago.. Will post pix soon.

In this picture you can also see my adjustable backstay setup. Very convenient  and simple setup. Since Mac 22-s don't have chainplates (like Mac 25-s) for backstay, I figured, if you split it, you'll decrese a load on each transom mount by half - less stress on a hull. It consists of a Harken wire block, about 8-9 feet of 7x19 stainless wire 1/8 dia.  and Ronstan 40 series block-n-tackle set (total cost 15+(9ft * .5) +50+ 1/4rope) all in all about $75.) Needless to say, all the parts bought on  E-bay..most were brand new.

I bought two yellow plastic bow V-s At the  BassPro shop and mounted them on both bowsprit and stern rail. They serve as a perfect  mast support when trailering..and seem to stay out of the way when sailing. (total cost $15  tax included :O)

OK, finally, got some good pix of my mast raising system

( click in the pictures to enlarge them )

here mast is in the initial position to be raised, sitting on a crutch, halyard is attached to a gin pole and gin pole  attached to the deck by the mast on one end and to a bow cleat at the top by a red mainsheet block/tackle.

Here is a front view. You can see how a red mainsheet is routed to a winch. You can use that winch to crank the mast up, but really, it doesn't take much force to put it up- just pull it with your bare hands :)

here is a mast half way up...furler is just dangling there...

almost up, furler still not attached...

mast up all the way, furler attached.

here is how a gin pole is attached to halyard and block/tackle.

 here is how I attach a gin pole to the deck.

Here is a link  where you can buy a bracket that I used to attach a gin pole to the deck. 

All you do is remove the middle part and grind off a little stopper-stud on the inside. 

The cool thing about it is that it's marine grade 316 stainless and it fits that Menards pole like it was made just for it.