Mac-22 (1978) "Valentina" Home port: Chicago, IL

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Lake Michigan weather  (NOAA)

Lake Michigan current wind chart  (NOAA) 

Lake Michigan current waves chart  (NOAA) 


US Coast Guard navigation center

SAILING-USA ONLINE CLASSES  - cool site with lots of instructional sailing videos. - a great sailboat owners resource of info, very useful and friendly forum, listing of new and used sailing hardware.

* * * SAILING HASDWARE * * * - great sailboat hardware store. - some good prices on rigging hardware, located in Michigan. - good sailing hardware site. - well, we have all  been there...


* * *  BOAT CLASSIFIEDS * * * - lots of useful sailing info, used boat listings.



 Justin's sailing page -cool personal Mac ownre page with pix and mods.

"Sharon Lee" - nice personal stories of sailing on Catalina 22 in the Midwest.


Other links

Inna's Art Boutique - my wife's artwork.