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PORTFOLIO...Webdesign Class


on the first day of class, the activities we do was :

an introduction to Social Software, output of semester and lifelong learning podcasts.

we also created accounts at: gmail, joelogs.elggspaces.com, ning, flickr, and podomatic.

we have to install audacity + lame.dll in our personal PCs.....


we created our first webpage (with text, picture link and bulletpoints), 1st Rss feed in our personal Resources and comments on the 1st episode ( Finella's 1st podcast was about history on 60s to the 90's songs....)


i was absent because i was sick... T_T

my classmate gave comment about Friendster and MySpace, an essay by danah boyd.


there's no class in the week 4...we do not have an activity for this week...^-^

we discussed about our class project - we should created a site similar to friendster using ning..

I gave comment on carol's podcast..


 sir yuv gave us a reminder: we have to follow the prescribed schedule for producing the episodes and make a post to indicate that the mp3 files have been uploades.

class project: we have to visit the site pbwiki.com to document a running account of the development of our groups' Social Web Applications using ning.com.

we registered and created a personal account at pbwiki so we can track the changes on the project documentation.

in this week, i passed my first podcast..its all about jpop or japanese pop...


i gave a comment on j-ann's podcast..


we created e-portfolio that contains summaries of each Week 's work

we created a collection of 8 rss feeds of your choice in http://www.google.com/ig

we answered a CQ test...asses your collaboration quotient..


sir yuvienco borrowed his USB to us to installed the GIMP on the computer..we explore the program how to use it..


gimp.. advanced editing

before (click here ^-^)
1. open picture to edit
2. click filters --->artistic--->caroon (to darken the black colors)
3. click filters -->FlareFx (to add sunlight, then place it in some parts of the swords)
4. click filters-->artistic-->softglow
5. copy the edited picture and paste the image to another gimp
6. crop a portion of the picture and rescale the image (i crop the picture on the eyes)
7. click filters-->colors--> value invert (to invert the color of the image): the second edited picture bacame my background
8. copy the first edited pictures to the second picture (the one with inverted color)
9. click again filters -->flareFX (to add again sunlight)
10. erase the background or the white portion of the first edited picture..
after (click here ^-^)


we created an account at blogger..

here's my blogger account and my 5 chicklets:

-Shoutbox - tagboard for your website or blog and let your visitors leave you messages or chat with each other.

-translator(babel fish) - to translate my page to other language

-youtube - to watch my favorite video

-Add to Google (chicklets)

-google calendar (google gadgets)

-feed burner - provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to bloggers, podcasters, and other web-based content publishers.


recent activities..

we created an acoount on technorati, mybloglog, scrumdidilyumptious and google adsense for our blogger..


we created a account on explode for our blogger...in the explode site, its also like mybloglog site..you have also to make friends to explore your blog..XD  

we checked how much our blog worth.. my blog is worth $0.00...T_T


I created an affiliate account in amazon. I inserted a widget in my blogger account to sell stuff like dvd, book, etc..
I also updated my adsense...my earning is $o

I also created an account on clairol and flashbuilder..in clairol,  we clicked on "Try-it-on studio" to make new hairstyle and color.. in flashbuilder..we had fun in doing our flash site..XD


MiriamPalster: Class Project


We should create and moderate a social web application using ning site.  First the class decides what will be the name of our site and we agreed that our site will be called MiriamPalster or MCPals.


We vote Mahalia as the moderator and who will create the site.  Sir Yuvienco gave us a deadline (January) that we should have 50 members on our site.  The good thing is we were able to meet the deadline. We asked our Miriam friends and classmate to join. For February, we should have to get 5,000 hits on the site.  This time, the class had planned that we should have more promotion to get the target hit.  We distributed the works how to popularize the site. Rosel was the one who started the forum, Jaymie who made the logo for the posters and flyers, Mahalia and Jaymie went to UP for the printing.  Kris, Carol, Cess and I posted the upcoming school event. I also posted the site on Miriam community who loves anime.  Everyone distributed the flyers and put some posters on the bulletin board.  We also promoted our site during Grand Home Coming.