Dr. Karen Mabry
Associate Professor
, Department of Biology
Postdoc (Behavioral Genetics): Miami University (OH)

PhD (Animal Behavior): University of California, Davis

MS (Ecology): University of Georgia

BS (Biological Sciences): Clemson University

Link to my Google Scholar page here.

Graduate Students
Madeline Strom
Ph.D. student

M.S. (Environmental Science): University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
B.S. (Biology and Spanish): University of Arizona

Maddie is interested in environmental and social stress, social networks, and the effects of all of the above on dispersal behavior and fitness, using brush mice (Peromyscus boylii) as her current study system. Her M.S. research focused on habitat-specific fitness in degus (shown here).

Valerie Brewer

NMSU MARC undergraduate research scholar

Valerie is interested in conservation genetics, and is completing independent research projects on population genetic structure and extra-pair paternity in song sparrows across an urbanization gradient, in collaboration with the Sewall lab at Virginia Tech. Valerie is majoring in Conservation Ecology with a minor in Genetics.

Lab alumni
Dr. Tina Wey

Postdoc:  NMSU
Postdoc: UC Davis
PhD (Biology): UCLA
BA (Biology): Rutgers

Tina is interested in variation in social behavior, social network approaches, animal personality/behavioral syndromes, and dispersal. Link to her webpage here.

Gizelle Hurtado

Ph.D. 2017 (Biology): NMSU
MS (Environmental Studies): San Jose State University
BS (Wildlife): Humboldt State University

Gizelle's dissertation focused on the influences of urbanization and habitat fragmentation on small mammals, particularly how urbanization affects individual behavior, population genetic structure, and parasite load in
populations of Merriam's kangaroo rat in and around Las Cruces, NM. She is now an Assistant Professor at Clovis Community College.

Rebecca Kelley

Ph.D. 2017 (Biology): NMSU
MA (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology): Columbia University
BS (Zoology): Miami University

Rebecca investigated how environmental and social stress during early development affect behavior, stress responses, and species coexistence in free-living Peromyscus species in northern California. Rebecca also completed "data science bootcamp" with the Data Incubator, and is now a data scientist with Amazon in Seattle.

Katie Smith

MS 2012 (Biology): New Mexico State University    
BS (Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology): University of California, Davis

Katie's MS  research investigated the response of endangered salt marsh harvest mice to tidal influences in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Katie is now an Ecology postdoc at UC Davis.

Dana Sanders  
MS 2014 (Biology): New Mexico State University 
BS (Biology): New Mexico State University

Dana's thesis explored the effects of previous habitat experience and individual variation in boldness on habitat preferences in brush mice.
Dana is currently employed by the Albuquerque Aquarium.

Christopher Wojan

MS 2014 (Biology): New Mexico State University   
BS (Biology): University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Chris's MS research focused on the influence of spatial variation in population density on individual dispersal decisions. Chris is currently employed by NEON.

Liberty Hightower
MS 2014 (Biology): New Mexico State University   
BS (Biology)
: Grand Valley State University

Liberty is now a curatorial assistant at the Virginia Museum of Natural History.

Kristen DaVanon

MS 2015 (Biology): New Mexico State University
BS (Conservation Ecology): New Mexico State University

Kristen's MS research focused on the interactions between small mammals and their predators, and how those interactions may influence state transitions from grassland to shrubland in the Chihuahuan Desert. Kristen is now a game warden in Wyoming.