Behavioral Landscape Ecology at New Mexico State University

Prospective students: At this time, I do not anticipate accepting new graduate students to start during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Mabry lab members, fall 2013. First row: Dana Sanders, Maria Chavez, Gizelle Hurtado, Lindsey Howard. Back row: Kristen DaVanon, Liberty Hightower, Chris Wojan, Rebecca Kelley, Tina Wey, Karen Mabry.

Welcome to the Mabry lab at New Mexico State University! We explore questions at the intersection of behavior and ecology, focusing on animal movement and social behavior, with small mammals in the western US as our primary study species.

If you are interested in joining us as a graduate or undergraduate student researcher, please explore these pages to learn more about what we do, then contact Dr. Karen Mabry for more information.


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Lab news:

February 2015: Congratulations to Kristen on her successful MS defense!

November 2014: Whoa! Two papers accepted on the same day! Congrats to Chris, whose thesis work is accepted for publication in Ecology!

October 2014: Former MS student Katie Smith's thesis research is published.

May 2014: Congratulations to MS graduates Dana Sanders, Chris Wojan, and Liberty Hightower!

March 2014: Congratulations all around -
Successful MS defenses! - Chris and Dana
Successful PhD quals! -
New Ecology Club officers! - Maria (President)
Rebecca (Treasurer)

December 2013: Congratulations to Gizelle and Kristen, both of whom received grants from T&E, Inc. for their research!

August 2013: Congratulations to lab alums who are beginning graduate programs this fall: Dachin Frances (Ph.D., U. Toronto), Kristen DaVanon (M.S., NMSU), and Josh Gaddy (M.S., Arizona)!

July/August 2013: Mabry lab members will be at the Animal Behavior Society conference in Boulder, CO, where we will be participating in the ABS Outreach Fair on Aug. 2. Come see us, and you can radio-track a "stuffed" mouse!

May 2013: Welcome new postdoc Tina Wey!

April 2013: Congratulations to Josh Gaddy, who was named Outstanding Senior by the NMSU American Indian Program.