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Gwiy-Sang Chung
Visiting Scholar

Ph. D., Toyohashi Univ. of Tech. Toyohashi, Electrical & Electronic Eng., Japan
M. S., Yeungnam Univ. Gyongsan, Electronic Eng., South Korea
B.S., Yeungnam Univ. Gyongsan, Electronic Eng., South Korea


gschung (at)

Current Position

Department of Mechatronics Engineering
Dongseo University, San69-1 Churyedong Sasanggu Busan 107-716
South Korea
Tel: +82-51-320-1763
Fax: +82-51-328-1569


3C-SiC Crystal growth on Si wafers by APCVD.
Evaluation of 3C-SiC thin-films grown on Si wafers
Oxidation, metallization (Ohmic contact), etching(RIE, ICP RIE) process techniques of 3C-SiC thin-films
High temperature pressure, flower and magnetic sensors using 3C-SiC thin-films.
Anodic Bonding of Si wafer to MLCA (Multi Layer Ceramic Actuator)
Piezo micro valve using MLCA.
Fabrication and analysis of 3D SiCN microstructures for 1400℃ super-temperature MEMS applications.