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Dae Ho Lee
Alumnus - Postdoctoral Researcher

Postdoctoral position (2007 - 2008)  Chemical Engineering, Polymer Research Institute, Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH), Pohang, Korea.
Senior researcher (2005 -2007) LG Chem. Research Park, Daejeon, Korea.
Ph.D. (2005) Polymer program, School of Environmental Science & Engineering, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea.
B.S. (1999) Department of Chemical Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, Korea.


katari (at)

My main research involved nanoscale adhesion and friction of solid materials. SAM (self-assembled monolayer) is a molecularly thin film of a few nanometer thickness, thus can be an excellent substrate for this model study. JKR (Johnson-Kendall-Roberts) instrument and AFM can be used for characterizing the adhesion and friction behavior based on contact mechanics. My current research extends toward nanostructured surfaces which are often observed in nature such as lotus leaves and gecko foot hairs. My current research goal is to develop bio-inspired nanostructured surfaces and to characterize their surface/interfacial properties including adhesion and friction behaviors.