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The Stickerball Game is made up of two mitts and a ball as shown above (red and blue mitts and a ball on the right)

On the left is an enthusiastic player catching the ball with his mitt.


Increase range for motion: of shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers

Increase muscle strength: upper extremities; endurance

Improve coordination: eye/hand/foot

                                fine motor - various prehensibile patterns such as spherical balance/wt., shifting/bending/stooping

Perceptual Motor: develop hand dominance/crossing mid line of body/left-right discrimination/color discrimination/depth perception & motor planning

Affective: competition/group play-socialization

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Stickerball is the new concept which incorporates: new skills, more creativity, content and progression. It is injury-free, a concept of the future.

Stickerball  trainer can not have come at no other better time than now that despite many medical setbacks, steadily, more knowledgeable people concerned with the development of sports for both sexes regardless of physical or mental condition are becoming increasingly aware that the skills and tactics involved are quite similar for both men and women.

Frankly speaking, what a female player may lack in all-out power and strength, she would make up for it in agility and flexibility. The activities taught in this sport are fun and meant to provide a most satisfying kind of recreation for you leisure hours.

How Stickerball Game is Played

The game is played by at least two persons. Each player wears a paddle (mitt) on the odd hand and advances the ball with the other. The paddle is worn on the fingers not the entire palm of the hand. The ball when thrown is caught on the paddle- the smoother side. The player should leave as much playing room between themselves for the ball to travel with force behind it. The farther the room  to advance the ball between players, the better for the ball to have force to stick on the paddle. The ball shall not be caught except picked up from the floor/ground with hand. The ball is always caught with the smooth surface of the paddle.

bullet The Stickerball Game has tremendous amount of therapeutic value in rehabilitation therapy.
bullet For more information about sales, E-mail the inventor:
bullet For additional material, booklet and the package:  write to: STICKERBALL INC., 6156 Nicholas Dr., West Bloomfield, Michigan 48322 USA

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