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Art Institute of Chicago









Ready, Set, Travel !!

The education foundation is interested in funding yearly field trips for the art classes. They would like for you to report back to them any information that you take away from this field trip to the Art Institute in Chicago. You will go to the many different galleries in the museum to view art through the ages. You will choose one piece of art in each gallery and explore how the artist used line in his or her work. You will fill out a worksheet that shows your comprehension of the Art Element: Line. You will choose one piece of art from your tour and recreate the image as only  a line drawing then fill in some areas with line patterns.


Ready? Let's plan the trip!

1.Find out how long a trip to the Art Institute will take and please print out a map for the bus driver. Find out what time the Art Institute opens and let the bus service know what time we need to leave Monticello so that we can arrive when the museum opens in the morning.




2. How many different kinds of lines can you name? First you should explore different kinds of lines. Then print out the worksheet and fill it out demonstrating many lines and line patterns. Fill up each block with lines and line pattern that demonstrate the title. You may want to go back and review some of the line examples you have viewed.




3. Now that you are familiar with the many variety of lines,  take that knowledge with you as you tour the Art Institute in Chicago on your field trip. Look around the Washington School art room. Do you see artwork by the same artists that you are researching for your museum visit.?

     In the following paintings and prints, can you find out what Gallery Room this painting by can be found? Is this piece of artwork on display right now at the Art Institute? Finally, can you describe how the artist used line in his or her work?


1. Hokusai



2.Vincent van Gogh


3. Daniel Chester French


4. Frank Lloyd Wright



5.William H. Johnson



6. Egyptian Mummy Case



7. United States: Diner Quilt



8. Edward Hopper



9. Henri Rousseau



10. Claude Monet



     4. One cannot visit the Art Institute without viewing a few of the world's most famous pieces of art. Before the field trip, find out what galleries we will need to visit so that we can view:

  • Georges Seurat: A Sunday on the Grande Jatte
  • Grant Wood: American Gothic
  • Marc Chagall: Stained Glass Windows
  • Andy Warhol: Marilyn Monroe
  • Pablo Picasso: The Old Guitarist

     Print a map of the Art Institute and plan a mini tour of the museum so that your group can see these artworks.



5. Choose a painting, one you have researched or another one of your choice and reduce the artwork to a simple line drawing on a piece of 9X 12" good drawing paper. How close is your drawing to the original? Finally, add some textures and patterns, using line, in some parts of your rendition of the famous artwork. If you were to go to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, you would see the Mona Lisa. A line rendering of the Mona Lisa would look like this:





6. Write a three paragraph mini essay describing your field trip. How was the trip from Monticello, IL to Chicago? What did you think about the Art Institute? Was is easy to find the masterpieces that you wanted to see? What was it like to see the art in person? What did you see at the museum that was not on your planned tour? What recommendations would you give to someone going to the Art Institute for the first time? Would you go back for another visit?



At the end of your field trip to the Art Institute, you will compile a mini book including

  • One paper listing your field trip itinerary,departute time, travel time and distance, and Art Institute hours.
  • Your worksheet with line patterns
  • One paper with your listing of paintings and their gallery locations, and whether or not artwork is currently on display
  • Your line rendition of a famous artwork
  • Your mini essay describing your field trip to the Art Institute


Your mini book will be submitted to the education foundation for review. The results will determine whether or  not similar field trips will be funded in the future.