A Field Trip Through the Elements of Art: Line

Line up for a field trip to the Art Insititue of Chicago








     You see examples of famous artwork every day in your art room. You are familiar with these images, but have you ever been to an art museum to see the art in person? How big is Geroges Seurat's Grande Jatte painting? What does a Monet look like in person? What might it be like to see an Egyptian sarcophagus?   

     Our education foundation is funding a field trip for your art class to visit the Art Institute of Chicago. The buses have been reserved, the date has been set. It is up to you to set the departure time, plan your tour and learn about art!

     Your tour of the Art Institute will focus on the Element of Art: LINE. You know what a line is, correct? Or, do you? Before your trip you will review line and how it relates to artwork and how artists use line to enhance their work. You will create your own work using a famous artwork as an inspiration.