Maaz Farooqui is postdoctoral researcher at LAUM, Le Mans, France. He was a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher for the ITN project FlowAirS (Silent Air Flows in transport, buildings and power generation) funded under the Marie Curie Actions of the European Commission FP7 . He holds a Ph.D. in Technical Acoustics from Dept. of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

His research uses methods and ideas of physical sciences and engineering to address problems of Noise Control. In the past couple of years his research was focused primarily on theoretical modeling, simulations and experimental validation of innovative noise control techniques in ducts. The Problems addressed by him so far includes better designs for Helmholtz Resonators; Development of Acoustic Metamaterials for low frequency noise; Techniques for characterizing porous absorbers; Techniques for educing liner impedance with grazing flow, etc.

As a postdoc researcher, he focuses on Acoustic Cloaking and Acoustic Meta-surface/Metamaterials for low frequency noise in Aircraft engines and Automobiles.

Artistic structures at Utrecht museum possibly future meta-materials