ulpan Ma'agan Michael has had two ulpans a year since 1958 and today, over 12% of the members of Ma'agan Michael are
ulpans graduates. The ulpan is a central part of the identity of Ma'agan Michael.
Ma'agan Michael is a successful kibbutz and the ulpan is a part of that success.
We have two ulpans a year of five months each - February 1 through June 30 and August 1 through december 31. Each ulpan has space for 90 participants.
You must be between 18 and 28 when the ulpan begins.
No matter what your life experience was before the ulpan, you will be expected to behave as a mature adult during the ulpan. You will have the freedom to make decisions that you may not have had before you join the program. Use your freedom wisely. You will be expected to take responsibility for your own actions.
On our ulpan, we work half a day and study the other half. We take both our studies and work very seriously.
Our study/work week is five and a half days - Sunday through Thursday are full days and Fridays are half days of work. Each week we switch - if you study mornings this week, the next week you will study afternoons.
The program is challenging and not for everyone. However, if you are serious about studying, working and having a unique experience in Israel, the ulpan at Ma'agan Michael could well be for you.
The key to success on our ulpan is to keep work, study and play in balance.
Successful completion of the ulpan is a positive, life changing experience which you will take with you, whatever else you do in your life.
During the ulpans, the kibbutz is home to people from 20 different nations. You will really come to understand the meaning of "Am Achad" (one nation).

Among our graduates is Stanley Fisher, who originally came from Mozambique and Zimbabwe and was the Commissioner of the Bank of Israel(the Israeli equivalent of Chairman of the American Federal Reserve).


In the ulpan moadon there are computers which are connected to the internet. The ulpan moadon is open for your use after class and work

In the ulpan Area We have  "wireless" internet access

The kibbutz moadon which is usually open in the evenings has  "wireless" internet As well.



Your laundry will be done in the kibbutz laundry. You will mark all of your clothes with a number and it will be returned to your personal laundry box in the ulpan office.