LoopBack - Dead

Two of my secret tricks for keeping annoying callers in check!
Back in the day there were a few numbers we could use to figure out what number we were calling from if we did not actually know the number we were calling from.   That is right! I am talking about  telephone number LoopBacks (not IP loopback    Fast forward to now and that ancient technique can be employed in a new and unique way to possibly help you with your phone call challenges today!
Typical Challenges:
_ What number am I calling from?
_ Debt Collectors that have your phone on auto dial?
_ Telemarketers or TeleSpammers?
_ Old or out of date friends?
_ (Fill in your annoying call situation of choice)
Boomerang the call right back to the caller.  This will defeat most automated dialer programs that first try to get you to pick up then connect to a live person. It also will certainly frustrate a live caller because they can never reach you.   So in either case the caller never succeeds so the caller can not leave you annoying voicemails.    Eventually frustration sets in on their part and your off the list and off their grid!

Who knew that something so phreaking simple and useful back then could  have legit purpose today? 

PS - if you call the loopback yourself you do not need to go through the menu options - if you do you may end up after a few minutes being routed to someone at the company that is advertised at the beginning.  You only need the first part (the boomerang) to work to confuse most humans or auto-dialers!

So "theoretically" speaking put this number in your call forward list for those you wish to IGNORE upon their call.  Test it out first from another phone so you can see how it works.  Fun!
LoopBack Number:
1 800 314 4258


Dead = Non-working number

Need to forward some annoying caller to another number so it looks seems like your number no longer works when you get a call?

Forward them to this number:
1 800 546 1000  

(thats the old Tymnet access number decommissioned in 2004 shown in my TYM800HOW page)