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This is the official home site of M4phr1k and acts as a companion site to the War Dialing, PBX, and Voicemail hacking sections in editions 2-7

 My site is for and always has been dedicated to WHITE HAT War Dialers, PBX, and Voicemail Box testing specialists! 

The tools and techniques discussed here are to help you learn how to strengthen your security 

posture and is disclosure in full!  Techniques shown here should be used at your own risk!  

"M4phr1k" (aka Stephan Barnes)

I currently manage a few regions for 




I was the original VP of Sales of Foundstone and left McAfee/Foundstone about 2 years after the McAfee acquisition.

Pictured here are some great minds I have had the opportunity to work with and you know who you are.  The cumulative knowledge of this core group of people is what solidified Foundstone as a name that will forever be remembered.  Many important people have come and gone after this initial group but it is very likely that without this catalyst of chemistry initially, things would be entirely different historically for Foundstone. 

Pictured from Right to Left (all Foundstone employees of the time in July 2000 at Foundstone’s first Blackhat)

Where are they now?

George Clute – original angel investor and Chairman of the Board

Stu McClure – Mcafee Worldwide CTO  

Saumil Shah – Managing Principal Consultant  - http://saumil.net/index.html

Shreeraj Shah – Principal Consultant

Kevin Mandia – CEO of Mandiant

AD (Alan Deane) –  VP QUMAS

Eric Budke – Somewhere in NYC

JD Glaser – NTObjectives

Brian Lewis – Software Development - Unknown

Kurt Weiss – Unknown

Gary Bahadur (back row high standing on fountain lip 1st left) – Chief Information Officer, KRAA Security and Razient

George Kurtz – CEO and President of CrowdStrike 

Matt Weiss – Unknown

Clinton Mugge – CEO of Symosis and C-Level Security

Melanie Woodruff –  Information Security Director, Experian North America

Stephan Barnes – CrowdStrike  Sales Director and Chief Carnival Barker (kneeling with the company rhetorically on my shoulders) 

Will Chan – Morgan Stanley 

Dane Skagen – Accuvant

Jason Glassberg –  President and co-founder of Casaba Security

Chris Prosise –  Independent - Free State :)

Joel Scambray - Cigital CC

Robin Keir – Principal Software Architect McAfee


After McAfee bought Foundstone in Oct 2004 I stayed on for about a year and a half and then I took a break for a while 

Since Foundstone I have worked for some of these great companies!

Special Ops Security 

Looking Glass Systems



KRAA Security & Razient


I wrote the War Dialing Sections in Hacking Exposed since 2nd Edition
(now in its 7th Edition)

War Dialing, PBX, Voicemail hacking is my section – always has been since the 2nd Edition

Many thanks to Stu, George, and Joel for letting me tap the lines so to speak

M4phr1k's Wall of Voodoo provides additional techniques and explanations in addition to 

those already explained Dial-Up, PBX, and Voicemail hacking sections in the Hacking Exposed series of books.


Hack Notes – I contributed to the chapter on War Dialing/PBX/hacking thanks to my good friend

Clinton Mugge of Symosis, formerly C-Level Security


Are you LOW TECH?  I am when I need to be!

Remember Procomm Plus?

Check out my HOW TO get ProComm Plus Test Drive ready for use as an example for learning how to set up brute forcing DIAL-UP connections

Remember though this is all VERY OLD SCHOOL now but that does not mean it may not apply!

Remember, War Dialing, PBX and VMB hacking still work!



But after a while you'll believe you can get by with these early versions because NONE OF THIS is that COMPLICATED!

This simple concept is the foundation on how we Brute Force Dial Up connections!  Learn the basics and you're on your way!


You don't need an air hammer to drive in a simple nail:

When War Dialing match the technology to the technology

When you are war dialing you might come up with a gambit of modem connections that are look odd and foreign - old school if you will.

New school communications programs sometimes provide too much clutter and noise so going back to the old school is almost surefire and steady way to succeed.

Case in point:

I have seen a router that ToneLOC caught and dumped in the FOUND.log and when using the newer ProComm Plus 32 to go back and dial it up, it could not figure out the parity and chunked up the display.

What to do? Go OLD SCHOOL: ProComm Plus Test Drive (the old demo version of ProComm Plus)

Set it up and wa-la, you are generally ready to go (caveats apply)


Don't forget to test PBX and Voicemail systems like Seimens and Rolm

Hacking Meridian - Background and some cool info - Thanks to a Fellow Pen Tester - Mark Rowe - click to see)


LOW LEVEL TECHNIQUES will get you every time!

Stuff like KeyStroke Loggers from Keyghost.com



The contents of these pages (in one form or another from multiple BBS's to multiple ISP's to where we are today

have been maintained by myself, Stephan Barnes, aka M4phr1k

from 1985 to  (present)

Has it been that long? Old Phreakers never die, the just lose a little tone ;>

Stephan Barnes (M4phr1k) can be reached at