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Marine For Life Network in Houston

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Monthly Networking Luncheon
 The monthly networking luncheon is provided by the Lone Star Veterans Association through their Veteran Career Transition Program.

Gain Access to Quality Employees
As an employer, you want employees with skills and integrity.  People who have a great work ethic and demonstrate commitment. Marines are ready to bring qualities like these to your business organization now.

From the moment they enter the Marine Corps, certain values are instilled in Marines. Loyalty, discipline and putting organization before self are important aspects of what makes a Marine a Marine.

The initiative, commitment, teamwork, communication skills and flexibility of Marines are what win battles. These same qualities are helping businesses succeed every day.

Gain access to quality employees by letting us know about your employee and human-resources needs
.  A Marine For Life representative will contact you to discuss how Marine Corps veterans can help your business succeed.
Helping Marines Succeed
Marines returning to the civilian community can benefit from your life experience. As a Marine For Life mentor, you will help those who have honorably left the Marine Corps and are moving on to civilian life.

Your ability to network can help Marine veterans capitalize on their time in the Marine Corps and find civilian employment.

Your ability to listen and counsel can be key in helping them navigate the way ahead—whether you are a Marine veteran who cares about other Marines, or someone in the community wanting to help Marines succeed in civilian life.

Learn more about becoming a Marine For Life mentor and helping Marine Corps veterans succeed by contacting us
. A Marine For Life representative will be in touch with you to explain how you can help.
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