Pleasūr – a female health-supplement product

ImageTechnologies always change life and create trends. Since the 19th century, the rapid growth of science and technology has been improving human living standards. In 1998, three scientists together won a Nobel-prize for medicine for their research into the theory about the effect of the Nitric Oxide Pathway. Pleasur is developed based on this theory, which ushered in a whole new era of health supplements.

Pleasur (Brand Name: Pleasūr) is a proprietary U.S. product developed by Gynecologist Ronald J. Thompson, M.D. based on the above theory.

The developer has appointed and authorized bHIP Global to promote Pleasur to the worldwide market to benefit consumers all over the world.

The ingredients in Pleasur include L-arginine, citric acid and menthol. It is free from drugs and exogenous hormones.

Pleasur may improve blood circulation to enhance gynecological and intimate functions, so as to take care of your sensitive areas as well as having an anti-aging effect.

Pleasur has been reported to improve and maintain vaginal secretion and moisture; improve quality of sleep after use; improve various problems resulting from estrogen reduction (dryness and sensitivity); alleviate some menopausal symptoms; maintain proper functioning female genital tissues, resulting in better relationships and greater intimacy.


Pleasur is unique and unparalleled in the world market. In 2001, the Pleasur formula was studied extensively and has  been proven to be exclusively effective in improving many  female gynecological functions.

Pleasur is a non-pharmacological and non-hormonal cream for external use. It is completely safe with no toxic side-effects, dependence, addiction, irritation, teratogenic or carcinogenic effects, or fatal conditions.

Pleasur is a topical intimacy enhancement product specialized for women age 18 to 80.
Consult a qualified health care practitioner before consuming or applying any substance for medical purposes.