TP 4.0 for Production 1.0

  "TP4 for Production 1.0" builds upon our TP 3.0 videos found on Cebas on YouTube, covering additional topics, diving into deeper basics & advanced topics and everyday production matters, including new TP 4.0 features, and contains over 27 hours of material, sample files and scripts.

Please find the final topic list below.

NOTICE:  as of January 5th, 2011 we no longer offered a support forum for new customers.  Existing customers retain access per their purchase date.

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"TP 4.0 for Production 1.0"       


Crash Course
UI Navigation & Right-click Menu
Building the simple system in TP vs PFlow
Learn Debug EARLY
Pitfalls Part 2


Vector Math


Understanding Distance Condition
Animated Values, Curves, and graphOp blackbox
Spin Around Velocity Cross-Product
Data Channels
Data Channels - Part 2
Memory - The Basics
Memory 2 - Shoot Blue at Found
Detecting Changes in Particle Data
Detecting Changes in Particle Direction
Detecting Changes in Particle Direction v2
Weighted Random
Increasing Chance Over Time v1
Increasing Chance Over Time v2
Gradient Ramp Interpolation
Maxscript controllers on Float values
Expression operator 


Iterator - MakeLine
Iterator - MakeLineDir
PPassAB vs PSearch
PPassAB vs PSearch - Part 2
PSearch Iterate - Part 1 - Iterate Through Memory
PSearch and Iterate - Part 2 - Find Largest in Memory
Iterator and Intersect v1 - Weighted Random Directional Sampling
VolumeBreak 1 - Basic VolumeCell
VolumeBreak 2 - SC impact position
Paint VB Cells, PAttach, Activate
Canyon Camera Map (sequence trick)
Material Structure, Post-Cache Manipulation, Managing Updates


SC with TP ShapeJoint helper nodes (manual construction approach)
SC - detecting the impact force
SC - calculating the proper output reflection vector
SC Auto-Joint 1: any direction and limited number of connections
Simple Collision Jointing
SC Auto-Joint 2: Intersect method
SC Auto-Joint 3: surface sampling with pairing

TP ScriptOperators

LifeProgress (age/lifespan)
User-Defined Props - importing objects with User-Defined Properties
IsAlive - for the auto-jointing system
Alignment YPR - Yaw, Pitch, Roll
Cebas' "tp_Iterator" Sample
Spline Sampler


Notes on Approaching Shots
Network simming script usage

PRODUCTION SHOTS (setups for use in shots)

Simple Engine Setup
Rocket Trail
Shooter Setup
Explosion Setup
VolumeBreak based on Collision Impact
Ground Crumbling
Meteor Hits City


SquirlArt Crowd - 01 - Intersect and Alignment
SquirlArt Crowd - 02 - Vector math for avoiding objects
SquirlArt Crowd - 03 - Iterating through intersect samples
SquirlArt Crowd - 04 - Intersect sampling & direction determination
SquirtArt Crowd - 05 - Blending method
SquirlArt Crowd - 06 - Closest point on vector
SquirlArt Crowd - 07 - Vector intersection
SquirlArt Crowd - 08 - 01 - Smooth avoidance setup
SquirlArt Crowd - 08 - 02 - Smooth object avoiding setup
SquirlArt Crowd - 08 - 03 - Smooth object avoiding setup
SquirlArt Crowd - 08 - 04 - CleanUp
SquirlArt Crowd - 09 - 01 - flowField 2D
SquirlArt Crowd - 09 - 02 - flowField 2D TD-Tool
SquirlArt Crowd - 09 - 03 - Integrate flowField into objectAvoidance


finalRender & VRay


TP Config

Free Sample Videos:

1:  Basics 01 - Crash Course

2:  UI Navigation & Right-click Menu

3:  Recreating the PFlow Default System:

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