With Camera
Latest Updates

Nov 25, 2012 Version 1.1 Released.
   ・Supported iPhone5
July 17, 2012 Version 1.0 Released.

This application assists photography of a single-lens reflex camera.

・Color Chart
This is the screen for white balance adjustment.
A RGB value is displayed by the screen touch.

・Level Guage
You can check for the level state.
Please perform a calibration before use.

・EV Calc
The exposure value by parameters(ISO, Focal Number, Shutter Speed)is calculated.
An exposure value is locked by tapping a padlock icon.

・Flash Calc
The range of the flash by parameters(ISO, Focal Number, Guide Number) is calculated.
You can change "m" & "ft" each other.

The light of the screen becomes a flashlight.
The brightness of a screen changes by tapping a "Brightness" icon.


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