Work Experience

The Fun Stuff...

Technology Coordinator
National Network of Libraries of Medicine New England Region
University of Massachusetts; Worcester, MA  May 2011-2013
Currently, I am updating and rearranging some of the website's content to reflect this contract period. 
Additionally, I just finished doing a website assessment with our members, using SurveyMonkey and Google 
Analytics. I aid my colleagues in their daily work by mining the open source technology community for 
potential software. I moderate regional and state health library associations' listservs and the e-Science 
Community blog, where I also contribute content.  

Program and Communication Coordinator
Community Change, Inc; Boston, MA 2010-Present
Increased the organization’s visibility on the web by 150% through multimedia production, website 
enhancement and social networking strategies, resulting in an increase of attendance to fundraising events, 
increase in collaborations between organizations and creation of effective programming that responds to the 
needs of our constituents.  Created and maintain a virtual community that serves and provides anti-racist 
education as well as provide tutorials on digital information literacy and the use of social media for nonprofits.

Program Assistant 
National Network of Libraries of Medicine New England Region
University of Massachusetts; Worcester, MA  2009-April 2011
Currently assisting in the development of the portal to help librarians facilitate and take part in the e-Science 
initiatives at their institutions, through selection and evaluation of on line tools.  Assisted in the development 
of online surveys to evaluate the biomedical information needs of librarians in the New England region.  

Digital Media Reference Intern  
South End Press; Cambridge, MA                                                                                               
Provided education and tools on digital information literacy to the staff and their constituencies, which 
included conducting indepth research and fact checking for books proposals and coordinating social 
networking strategies for the press 
Twitter: @southendpress

Of course, I've got tons of pro bono projects that I've done -- my ace always says that "everyone needs an editor" (oh, how true), I say everyone needs a fearless jill of all trade (my boss uses the fearless word to talk about me).  So most often than not, someone will say hey do you know how to do this and if I don't know how to do it, there the challenge begins (and you'll probably see me in another week or two).

Some example of my pro bono work?

I do all this because good people need to know that good people exist...