The Early Years

Mike Westwood began his musical career at very young age. He started out playing trumpet, saxophone, trombone, and baritone horn in the school band at the age of 10. Not all at once, of course. At the same time, he began taking vocal lessons and doing community theater in shows such as Oliver, Bells are Ringing, Grease, and many more.

From Tween to Teen

By the time he was twelve, Mike decided he wanted to be an actor and got a manager and an agent working for him in the Philadelphia and New York city markets. His unbelievably dedicated mom drove him to New York city once or twice a week for auditions. Apparently, Mike was not a very good actor and only landed a few small parts; he was an extra on the show Kate and Allie, had a lead speaking role in a Local Philadelphia commercial, worked as an extra on the movie Striking Back with Tom Skerritt, and made the cutting room floor in Woody Allen's Radio Days. Through High School, Mike continued playing brass instruments and singing in all those geeky groups where the kids get made fun of on a regular basis. 

The College Life

Then, in 1987 at Penn State, Mike met someone who would change his musical life. His name was Truck Gowen - yes, his name is really Truck, and Truck played Piano and sang songs from artists like Elton John and James Taylor. Mike was so inspired by Mr. Gowen and the idea of singing and playing at the same time, that he taught himself to play the piano, and within a year had landed a job playing Friday nights at the Phyrst - a local watering hole. 
Within two years he landed several other regular gigs at State College bars, playing up to five nights a week at places like Stoney's Post House, the Saloon, the Allen Room, and others. Shortly after learning piano, Mike learned to play the guitar, and is now equally proficient on both instruments. 

The Here and Now

This brings us to present day, in Maryland, where Mike brings his musical talents south of the Mason Dixon Line. He is constantly working on new material, and has recently acquired some most excellent pro audio equipment to enhance his live performances even more. If you like the singer songwriters of the acoustic genre, you are sure to be in for a treat. Mike brings a wealth of talent and experience with him at his gigs, and loves nothing more than performing. 

And no, this is not a current pic!!!  (1994)


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