M1000 & Trailers

Here are different ways I've seen M1070s used in their 2nd life. Pulling various trailers in extreme conditions other trucks can't cope with. Or pulling the other trucks themselves (with their load) when they get caught in muddy oil fields.

The matching trailer made for this truck is the M1000, but as shown below, the M1070 can pull other trailers as well. Stock, the M1070 couples to a 3.5" king pin.

Wind Energy Farms for the turbines themselves, or the cranes to put them up.

Here's the previous generation heavy haul M747 trailer with a train engine on it.


And yes, you can have it shipped right to you:


Some M1070s get used for:

proposed wind energy projects - haul the heavy turbines, towers and rotor blades up to the site

pusher trucks - you could buy a lot of M1070's for the cost of one of those new T800's

pipeline and utility companies doing power line work use the trucks winches to pull line

a "pusher" truck behind heavy loads

slider plate to get to 59” for civilian trailers

heavy off-road recovery vehicle to recover stuck tankers

If you have a good picture of another way you've seen M1070s used in their 2nd life after the military, please add.