This site contains LyX layout files that can be used to typeset papers for Eurographics publications, such as Eurographics's annual conference, the Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP) and the Computer Graphics Forum journal (CGF). 

Apart from allowing the direct entry of a teaser figure and ACM classifications, special attention was given to streamline the production of anonymous, blind submissions. To this end, publication which are double-blindly reviewed have two layout files, one for an anonymous submission, the other for the final one. Switching from one to another should be seamless, as they provide the same set of environments and insets.

Partial screenshot of the layout :


Go to the downloads page.


Suppose you write a paper for SGP 2012. 
  1. (Install the relevant LaTeX class provided by SGP)
  2. Grab the files article-egsgp12.layout and article-egsgp12-anonymous.layout.
  3. Put the files in your user-directory. See this wiki page to find out where yours is.
    Windows: it's probably C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\LyX2.0\layouts
  4. Reconfigure LyX using the Tools ▶ Reconfigure menu.


After you've completed Setup (above),
  1. Grab eg-layout-sample.lyx.
  2. In Document ▶ Settings,
    1. Choose Article (Eurographics, SGP 12, anonymous) when you want to produce a PDF for an anonymous, blind submission.
    2. Choose Article (Eurographics, SGP 12) when you want to produce a final PDF which includes the author names.


The various layouts are very similar to each other, and are in fact generated from a single template layout by a Python script. You can have a look at the template layout and the Python script. It should be self-explanatory.