Hello! I'm Lyulicheva Inna

It is just a small site about me maden in 3 days (and one day for photos in albums) only for training with google. I put here photos of what I love: my family, my church. my work, my city, my favourite place of rest - the Crimea
And two maps because I love travelling.

 October 2009 near the flower shop in Kharkov
You may find more about me  in Russian в контакте.РУ  and on odnoklassniki.ru
I have my personal blog http://rodoslovnaya.wordpress.com/ and a site in Russian.
Blog is popular enough (30-60 visitorsin in a day) - I show there photos from Kharkov and the Crimea and write some stories from the past of the city. The site I've made on Joomla and called it "Joys of life" and it is still in designing process. It has only 4-6 visitors in a day.
You may  also see my page  http://fsite.if.ua/about-us/item/24?layout=item at our family portfolio which we made with Gleb and Kate as an Internet freelancers.
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