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Job Market Paper

In my job market paper “Medicaid Generosity, Prenatal Care and Child’s Health,” I evaluate the impact of state-level Medicaid reimbursement rates for obstetric care on prenatal care utilization across demographic groups. The paper also uses these rates as an instrumental variable to assess the importance of prenatal care on birth weight. The analysis is conducted using a unique dataset of Medicaid reimbursement rates and 2001-2010 Vital Statistics Natality data. Conditional on county fixed effects, a doubling of reimbursement rates yields an additional prenatal visit, an 11% increase, for black disadvantaged mothers (e.g. high school dropouts and teens). The magnitude of the effect is somewhat smaller for white disadvantaged mothers. However, the effect of an additional prenatal visit on birth weight is virtually zero for black disadvantaged mothers, while an additional visit yields a substantial increase in birth weight of over 20 grams for children of white disadvantaged mothers.

You can download the most recent copy of my paper below.
Lyudmyla Sonchak,
Nov 6, 2013, 7:30 AM