Lyttelton 1866

Lyttelton Heritage 


Compiled from data extracted from Stevens and Bartholomew's New Zealand Directory for 1866-67, published at Melbourne, 1st August, 1866.

Statistical data for Lyttelton in the Directory has a cut-off point of June 30, 1865.  Accordingly there's a strong possibilty that the following information relates to the latter part of that year.

Agar, George, Waterman, St David St.

Alexander, Miss, Ladies' School, Jackson Rd.

Arkis, J., Shipwright, Dampier's Bay

Armitage Brothers, Butchers, London St.

Arnold, J., Chief Prison Warder

Arthur, Z., Gardener, Jackson Rd.

Ashworth, Robert, Dairyman, Purau, Rhodes Bay

Austin, Mrs. W., Milliner and Dressmaker, London St.

Austin, William, Engineer and Machinist, Ironmonger, Tinsmith, London St.

Aynsley, H. P. M., Justice of the Peace

Baker, Charles, Dairyman, London St.

Ballestin, John L., Oxford St., Painter and Glazier, Municipal Councillor, Chairman; The Lyttelton Investment Society, No. 2

Barker and Son, Bakers and Confectioners, London St.

Bayfield, M., Chemist and Druggist, Canterbury St.

Belgrare, R., Publican; Rising Sun Hotel, London St.

Bennington, J., Ballastman, London St.

Billens, R., Dealer in Fancy Goods, Oxford St.

Boss, J. , Master, Presbyterian School, Winchester St.,

Bradley, R., Farmer, Charteris Bay, Port Lyttelton, 100 acres

Brooke, Richard, Tailor and Outfitter, Draper and Clothier, London St.

Brooks, H., Bailiff

Brown, George, Waterman, Winchester St.

Buchanan, Beverley, Trustee; Lyttelton Investment Society, Trustee; The Lyttelton Investment Society, No. 2.

Buckley, H., Dairyman, Gollan's Bay

Buist, J., Carpenter, Sumner Rd.

Bundy, D., Cabinet Maker, Wood Turner, London St.

Bunker and Son, Storekeepers, London St.

Bunker, R., Committee Member, Lyttelton Freehold Land Society

Byrne, E. D., Manager, Union Bank of Australia, Norwich Quay, Committee Member; Lyttelton Regatta Committee.

Cameron Brothers, Drapers and Clothiers, Lightermen, Norwich Quay

Cameron, Peter, Publican: Robin Hood Tavern & Billiard Rooms, Norwich Quay

Card, Mrs., Boardinghouse Keeper, Hawkhurst Rd.

Carder, Joseph, Fourth Clerk, Customs Office

Carrall, John, Gardener, Jackson Rd.

Carrall, Louis, Gardener, Jackson Rd.

Carroll and Co., Butchers, Norwich Quay

Chalmers and Hall, Brenchley Farm, Bricklayers, Builders and Contractors, Stonemasons.

Chalmers, A., Dairyman, Brenchley Farm

Chapman, John, Boardinghouse Keeper, Winchester St.

Chapman, Mrs., Milliner and Dressmaker, Winchester St.

Childs, Josh., Blacksmith, London St.

Chillingworth, Mrs., Greengrocer & Storekeeper, Canterbury St.

Cobb and Co., London St., Coach Office & Livery Stables, Queen's Hotel

Cochrane, John, Waterman, Winchester St.

Collier, J., Baker and Confectioner, Storekeeper, London St.

Cummins, William, Painter and Glazier, London St.

Dale, Thomas, Hawkhurst Rd.

Dalgety and Co., Customs Agents, Merchants, Norwich Quay

Davis, D., Merchant, Oxford St.

Day, David, Tide Waiter, Customs Office, Trustee; Lyttelton Investment Society, No. 2

Day, W. F., Post Office Letter Carrier

Death, John, Weigher and Gauger, Customs Office

Deny, Mrs., Boardinghouse Keeper, Winchester St.

Dimond Brothers, Carters & Carriers, Winchester St.

Dogherty, F. , Assistant Prison Warder

Donald, Dr William Donald, Coroner, Hospital Medical Officer and Health Officer for the Port of Lyttelton (under the Quarantine Regulations, 1864), Resident Magistrate and Justice of the Peace, Trustee; The Lyttelton Investment Society, No. 2

Dowdall, Thomas, Dairyman, Cass Bay

Dowe, D., Committee Member, Lyttelton Regatta Committee

D'Oyley, R. W. C, London St.,  Solicitor, Notary Public, London St., Solicitor; Lyttelton Investment Society

Dransfield, Joseph, Voelas Rd., Brickmaker, Municipal Councillor, Trustee; The Lyttelton Investment Society, No. 2.

Drew, William Hoskins, Third Locker, Customs Office

Duncan, William, Cooper, London St.

Dunsford, Henry, Ship Chandler, Sailmaker, Merchant, Norwich Quay

Eaynor, W., Bookseller and Stationer, Oxford St.

Edmiston, Mrs. M., Hospital Matron

Ellesden, E. S., Chemist and Druggist, London St.

England Brothers, Oxford St, Builders and Contractors, Carpenters.

England, K., Vice-President, Lyttelton Freehold Land Society

Evening Mail Newspaper Agency, London St.

Fairhurst, L N., London St., Publican; Queen's Hotel, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

Ferguson, J. D., Dampier's Bay School

Fielder, R., Customs Agent, Norwich Quay

Fitzsimonds, William, Ballastman, London St.

Fleming, James, Coal Yard, Oxford St.

Fleming, R., Farmer, Port Levy, Banks' Peninsula, 500 acres

Fold, H C, Dairyman

Foley, W., Assistant Prison Warder

Forbes, Robert, Sailmaker, Canterbury St.

Fox and Co., Butchers, London St.

Fox, C. F., Assistant Prison Warder

Fryer, Daniel, Assistant Prison Warder

Fyfe, J. G., Storekeeper, London St.

Garrick and Cowlishaw, Solicitors, The Lyttelton Investment Society, No. 2

Gebbie, M., Farmer, Gebbie's flat, Port Lyttelton, 7,700 acres

Gee, T. M., Canterbury St., Aerated Water Manufacturers, Baker and Confectioner, Storekeeper, Municipal Councillor.

Genet, Edward, Commission Agent, Oxford St.

Genet, William, Waterman, Oxford St.

Gibson, Captain F. D., Portmaster, Customs Office

Gillespie, William, Tide Waiter, Customs Office

Goddard, John, Tallying Clerk, Customs Office

Godfrey, Wiliam, Cabinet Maker, Exeter St.

Gouland, H. G., Justice of the Peace

Graham and Weyburn, Oxford St., Brickmakers, Bricklayers, Builders and Contractors, Carters, Stonemasons.

Graham, James, Carter, Brenchley Farm

Grange, Thomas, Engineer and Machinist, Blacksmith, Bridle Path

Grant, William Nelmes, Third Clerk, Customs Office

Grubb and Allen, Shipwright, Beach

Grubb, J., Post Office; Second Clerk, Municipal Councillor

Gundry, Samuel, Boardinghouse Keeper, Waicliffe house, Dampier's Bay

Hales, Mark, Watchmaker, London St.

Hamilton, J. W., Collector of Customs, Sub-treasurer to the Receiver of Land Revenue, Licensing Officer under the Arms Act, 1860., President, Lyttelton Foot Ball Club, Justice of the Peace.

Hamilton, Mrs., Milliner and Dressmaker, Dampier's Bay

Hargraves, Edward Allan, Chairman, Lyttelton Regatta Committee

Hargraves, Edward Allan, Member of the House of Representatives, Provincial Government, Municipal Council Chairman, President, Lyttelton Freehold Land Society, Trustee, Lyttelton Investment Society

Hargreaves and Co., Merchants, Norwich Quay

Hargreaves, W. H., Auctioneer, Norwich Quay, Member; Lyttelton Regatta Committee.

Hart, Andrew, First Locker, Customs Office

Hawkins, H., Storekeeper, London St., Committee Member; Lyttelton Freehold Land Society

Heddel, Peter, Senior Tide Waiter, Customs Office

Heid, William, Carter, Voelas Rd.

Herbert and Co., Storekeeper, London St.

Heslop, George, Draper and Clothier, Canterbury St.

Hester, Thomas, Storekeeper, Undertaker, Oxford St.

Heywood and Co., Customs Agents, Merchants, Norwich Quay

Hill, J., London St., Publican; Albion Hotel, Livery Stables, Municipal Councillor

Hodgson, John, Municipal Inspector of Nuisances

Hodgson, P. N., Farmer, Governor's Bay, Port Lyttelton, 140 acres

Holmes and Co., Lightermen, Railway Wharf

Hooper, S., Hairdresser, London St.

Hornbrook, Major Alfred, Farmer, Gollan's Bay, Port Lyttelton, 250 acres

Hornbrook, Major Alfred, Farmer, Port Lyttelton, 115 acres

Hose, Alexander, Landing Surveyor and Chief Landing Waiter, Customs Office

Hunter, J., Baker and Confectioner, Storekeeper, London St.

Igglesden, Charles, Architect and Surveyor, Donald St.

Jenkins, J. S., Vice-President, Colonists' Society

Jenkins, R., Shipwright, Sumner Rd.

Jenner, Frederick, First Long-room Clerk and Cashier, Customs Office

Johnson, G. B., Commission Agent, Oxford St.

Jones W. P., Overseer of Prison Hard Labour Gang

Julian, W., Publican; Mitre Hotel, Norwich Quay

Kellaway, Thomas, Tailor and Outfitter, Canterbury St.

Kenna, —, Coal Yard, Norwich Quay

Kenner, J., Carter, Exeter St.

Kerr and Son, Blacksmith, Oxford St.

Kissling, J., Manager, Bank of New Zealand, London St., Committee Member, Lyttelton Regatta Committee.

Lanauze, Henry C., Municipal Town Clerk, Masonic Lodge Junior Deacon

Lanauzer, Robert Joseph, Chief Clerk in Customs and Statistical Clerk, Customs Office

Leslie, T., Boardinghouse Keeper, Saxon Dining Rooms, Norwich Quay

Littlecott, C., Trustee, The Lyttelton Investment Society, No. 2

Louisson, A., Oxford St, Customs Agent, Commission Agent.

Lysaght, Edward, Second Assistant Landing Waiter, Customs Office

Macdonald, W., Tailor and Outfitter, London St.

MacDonnell, Randall Thomas, Second Locker, Customs Office

Macpherson, J. D., Norwich Quay, Customs Agent, Lloyd's Agent, Merchant, Coal Yard,

Manson, S., Farmer, Port Lyttelton, 136 acres

McBeth,J., Chief Clerk, Post Office

McCabe.W. J., Assistant Prison Warder

McDonald, T., Hairdresser, London St.

Mclntosh, T., Manager, New South Wales, Norwich Quay

McQueen, —, Farmer, Representatives of the late, Port Lyttelton district, 231 acres

Meech, J., Boot and Shoemaker, London St.

Mercer, T., Assistant Prison Warder

Merson, John, Carter & Carrier, Voelas Rd., Dampier's Bay

Merson, Thomas, London St, Storekeeper, Draper and Clothier.

Messiter, George, Waterman, Canterbury St.

Miles and Co., Norwich Quay, Customs Agents, Lightermen, Merchants, Coal Yard.

Mills, E., London St, Dealer in Fancy Goods, Bookseller and Stationer, Post Office; Town Receiving Officer.

Milnes, John, Boot and Shoemaker, Norwich Quay

Milsom, R., Aerated Water Manufacturers, London St.

Missen, Alfred, Senior Tide Waiter, Customs Office

Mitchell, Thomas, Dairyman, Exeter St.

Moss, F. J., Justice of the Peace

Motley, Charles, Surgeon, London St.

Mutton, Thomas, Storekeeper, Builder and Contractor, Carpenter, Oxford St.

Nalder and Son, Solicitors, Notaries Public, Oxford St.

Nalder, H., Solicitor, Lyttelton Freehold Land Society

Newton, John, Waterman, Oxford St.

Nurse, Charles, Carter & Carrier, Norwich Quay

Ockford, Thomas, Waterman, Sumner Rd.

O'Hara, W., Dampier's Bay

Oldfield, William, Dairyman, College land

Olliver, William , London St, Baker and Confectioner, Storekeeper, Carter, Carrier.

O'Neil, D., Waterman, London St.

O'Neil, James, Waterman, London St.

Palmer, D., Railway Hotel, London St.

Peacock and Co., Coal Yard, Wharf

Peacock and Co., Customs Agents, Lightermen, Wharfingers, Merchants, Norwich Quay

Pearce, Mrs. W. C, Milliner and Dressmaker, London St.

Pearce, W. C, Draper and Clothier, London St.

Pearson, S, Publican: Odd Fellows' Arms, Carter, Winchester St.

Percy, John, Boot and Shoemaker, London St.

Perrin, Mrs., Ladies' School,, Canterbury St.

Phillips, Frederick Carlton, Extra Locker; Customs Office

Phillips, H., Farmer, Port Lyttelton Hills, 472 acres

Plumber, George, Waterman, St David St.

Preece and Co., Auctioneer, Norwich Quay

Preece, Thomas, , Treasurer; Colonists' Society, Masonic Lodge Senior Deacon

Preece, Wright and Co., Commission Agents, Norwich Quay

Press Newspaper Agency, Norwich Quay

Puckle, E., Farmer, Port Lyttelton, joining Native Reserve, 260 acres

Rayner, William, Printer, Caxton office, Oxford St., Vice-President; Lyttelton Foot Ball Club, Secretary, Lyttelton Regatta Committee.

Read, J., Assistant Prison Warder

Reece and Co., Ironmongers, Oxford St.

Reece, E., Lighterman, Oxford St.

Reeves, W., Justice of the Peace

Reid, William, Carrier, Dampier's Bay

Renshaw, H., Masonic Lodge Worshipful Master

Reston Mrs., Prison Matron.

Reston, James, Goaler, Prison

Reston, T. J., Assistant Prison Warder

Rhodes, Alfred, Lighterman, Oxford St.

Ritchie and Co., T., Lightermen & Merchants, Norwich Quay

Roberts, J., Waterman, Sumner Rd.

Ronalds, James Anderson, Third Assistant Landing Waiter, Customs Office

Roper, E. W., The Shades Hotel, London St.

Roper, Mrs., Milliner and Dressmaker, London St.

Rose, Alex, Emigration Officer (under Imperial Passenger Acts, 1855 and 1863), Customs Office

Rouse, Alfred William, Tide Waiter; Customs Office, Committee Member, Lyttelton Freehold Land Society

Rouse, Dr, John Thomas, Surgeon, London St., Masonic Lodge Junior Warden, Treasurer; The Lyttelton Investment Society, No. 2, Trustee; Lyttelton Investment Society, Hospital Medical Officer under the Vaccination Act, 1863 and Inspector under Diseased Cattle Act, 1861.

Routledge, Samuel, Assistant Prison Warder

Russell, J., Secretary, Lyttelton Foot Ball Club

Salkield, William, Builder and Contractor, Carpenter, Wood Turner, Dampier's Bay

Salt and Hinet, Bricklayers, Salt's gully

Salt, William, Bricklayer, Hawkhurst Rd.

Scott, George, Carter, Salt's Gully

Shepherd, Charles, Cabinet Maker, Draper and Clothier, London St.

Smeaton, Thomas, Waterman, London St.

Stamford, William, Waterman, London St.

Stanley, W., Canterbury Hotel, Norwich Quay

Stout, James B., London St., Builder and Contractor, Storekeeper, Carpenter, Undertaker.

Street, Mrs., Draper and Clothier, Milliner and Dressmaker, Canterbury St.

Strickland, David, Waterman, Oxford St.

Swinbourne, W., Photographic Artist, London St.

Taylor, George, London St., Bookseller and Stationer, Dealer in Fancy Goods, Committee Member; Lyttelton Freehold Land Society, Masonic Lodge Senior Warden.

Taylor and Co., Merchants, Norwich Quay

Taylor, W., Gardener, College Land

Times Newspaper Agency office, Oxford St.

Townsend, James, Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Townsend, William, First Assistant Landing Waiter, Customs Office

Tucker, Mrs., Dealer in Fancy Goods, London St.

Walker, E. B., Farmer; Port Lyttelton, 80 acres, Farmer; Purau, Port Lyttelton, 5,500 acres

Walker, William, Boot and Shoemaker, London St.

Walton, Warner and Co., Merchants, Canterbury St.

Ward, A. W., Customs Agent, Storekeeper, London St.

Ward, Charles, Tide Surveyor, Customs Office, Justice of the Peace

Ward, Joseph, Master; Church of England School, Winchester St.,  Municipal Councillor, Secretary; Colonists' Society, Trustee; The Lyttelton Investment Society, No. 2.

Weastell, A., Builder and Contractor, St David St.

Weastell, A., Carpenter, Undertaker, Oxford St.

Weastell, M., Secretary, Foresters Court Queen of the Isles, No. 2703

Webb and Sons, Greengrocers, Brenchley Farm

Wells, Thomas, Gardener, College Land

Wesleyan School, Winchester St.

Westlake, Thomas, Shipwright, Dampier's Bay

Whyman, Thomas, Waterman, Sumner Rd.

Wilkins, J. T. W., Postmaster, Treasurer; Lyttelton Investment Society, Committee Member; Lyttelton Freehold Land Society

Willcox, J. S., Cabinet Maker, Canterbury St.

Willcox, John S., Commission Agent, Oxford St., Municipal Councillor, Secretary; Lyttelton Investment Society, Secretary; Lyttelton Freehold Land Society, Secretary; Lyttelton Investment Society, No. 2, Masonic Lodge Treasurer.

Wilson, H., Assistant Prison Warder

Wishart, W., Gardener, Jackson Rd.

Woledge and Co., , Oxford St, Commission & Customs Agents, Merchants, Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Woledge, C. H.,  Oxford St., Auctioneer,Treasurer; Lyttelton Freehold Land Society

Woodhead, E., Assistant Prison Warder

Woods, William, Waterman, London St.

Woolidge, C. W. Committee Member, Lyttelton Regatta Committee

Wright, F. E., Trustee; Lyttelton Investment Society.

Wright, J. E., Customs Agent, Norwich Quay

Wright, S. E., Ironmonger, Norwich Quay, Municipal Councillor, President; Colonists' Society.

Young, William, Boot and Shoemaker, Canterbury St.