Kettle Campaign Challenge

"Initial Goal $300 Reached in Less Than 1 week!!!"

Hooksett Kettle Campaign Fund Match Challenge

Updated November 27, 2013  5:40 a.m.!!

The initial goal of raising $300 of matching dollars was met on November 16, 2013 after less than one week of ahnnouncing the match challenge.  Because of this, I have now increased the donation of my Hooksett School Board member stipend donation from $300 to $500 helping us reach closer to our current goal to be donated to the Hooksett Salvation Army Kettle campaign on December 21, 2013.  I asked for your input on a new goal if the first one was met, and cannot believe this happened so quickly, but our new goal for the Hooksett Salvation Army Kettle campaign is $2,000 by December 21, 2013.  If anyone would like to donate funds to be "matched" of $250 or more, please let me know and I will make the announcement.  Thank You for your most generous support!!

My wife Debbie and I will be ringing bells in support of the Hooksett Salvation Army Kettle Campaign on December 21 from 4-6 pm at the Hooksett Walmart and are looking forward to it.

I was listening to NPR radio the other morning on my way into work, and during one of their fund raising campaigns decided to borrow one of their ideas on "donation matching" and have some fun with this, while at the same time support the Hooksett Salvation Army Kettle Campaign with the following challenge.

I will donate a check for $300 of my Hooksett School Board member stipend money on December 21, to the Hooksett Salvation Army Kettle Campaign.

I am making a pledge to donate an additional $200 for a total of $500 of my Hooksett School Board stipend IF between now and December 21, I receive small donations, with checks payable to Hooksett Salvation Army Kettle Campaign, totaling the amount to match my donation of $300 (or more).  Together, we would have the opportunity to donate a combined amount of $800 (or more), which I believe would go a long way to help children in the Hooksett area.

You can mail checks payable to "Hooksett Salvation Army Kettle Campaign" to

John Lyscars
142 Hackett Hill Road
Hooksett, NH  03106

I will keep you up to date on the total as we make progress together with the fund matching thermometer, and I am hopeful our team can reach the $300 matching goal by December 21!

Warmest Regards,

John Lyscars

Hooksett School Board Clerk

"Goal of $2,000 for December 21....can we do it?  I believe we CAN!!