So You Want to Visit Japan to See Buck-Tick: A Guide.

Are you a relatively recent convert to the fanatical cult of Buck-Tick fandom?

Are your knickers twisting with anticipation for the day when you will finally get to see the band live in the sweaty flesh?

Are you so desperate to get to Japan that you think you might sprout a rocket launcher out of your butt at any minute, and blast off?

Well, you’re not alone.

We've been receiving an increasing number of inquiries lately, from fans who want to travel to Japan from abroad in order to see Buck-Tick. Though it’s not generally our policy to write how-to guides, we also don’t have unlimited hours in the day to answer email, so in the interests of time saving, we have produced the following FAQ articles for y’all. As of right now, if you are interested in going to Japan to see Buck-Tick, please read this entire section BEFORE emailing us. We're happy to answer your questions via email, but the basic information is all right here, so please check this FAQ first.

In addition, we strongly urge you to read the Japanese Concert Guide section for more general info, as none of the information we already posted there is present here. This section is specifically about Buck-Tick concerts only.

Also, if you are actually going to travel Japan, read the Train Travel in Japan guide, especially the part about the Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan areas, as it may help you decide which concerts to attend.

(A Rough Guide)


(Everything You Need To Know!)


(Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck-Tick Buck!)


(Before, During, and After the Show)


And finally, a re-post from the NGS General FAQ:

Question. If I don't live in Japan but I love Buck-Tick, should I join Fish Tank?

Answer. It depends on your priorities.  Fish Tank membership costs 5000 yen per year plus a one-time 1000 yen entrance fee, so it's not cheap.

Membership offers four main benefits to fans: priority reservation of concert tickets, admittance to fanclub-only live shows, subscription to the quarterly Fish Tank newsletter, and ability to purchase exclusive materials from the Buck-Tick web shop, including fanclub-only live DVDs. If you are planning on going to Japan to see Buck-Tick perform live, having a fan club membership is by far the easiest way to get show tickets - though it may not be worth it if you're just going for one show. If you're in doubt about whether to join in this instance, email me and I can help you weigh the pros and cons. However, if you are not planning on going to Japan and do not read Japanese, in my opinion getting a Fish Tank membership just for the newsletter is not worth it - the newsletter is mostly text, not photos, and in any case generous fans tend to make the photos available online.

Prospective overseas members should also be aware that at this time, the Fish Tank management conducts all communications in Japanese only, and they've been notoriously frosty towards foreign fans since their change in management.