Love Me

by Sakurai Atsushi
Translated by Cayce

First, I want to thank everyone holding this book, and everyone who helped to put this book together.

You may wonder why we titled this book Love Me. There’s no deep meaning behind it. Read it just like that, like the words say—when the five of us decided on this title all we were thinking was, “We want you to love BUCK-TICK.” These may be very simple words, but probably everyone, everywhere is thinking right now without even realizing it “I want someone to care about me,” or “I want someone to love me.” If there is anyone, anywhere, who doesn’t feel this way, I think that person may be unusually strong. At the very least I myself want to feel someone’s affection forever and always. My desire to be loved is so strong it makes me miserable sometimes. I think the other members feel the same way, too…It has to be that way. And it’s because we want people to care, and we want people to love us, that we try to be stylish. We’ll try as hard as we can. I think it’s fine just like that. So many different kinds of people have been willing to love us. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter—we like what we like, we hate what we hate. That’s fine. I want us to say that to ourselves one more time. Also, I think that if you know how loved you are, you learn to love others more naturally and freely. I think that’s the most important thing. Yes, and sometimes, it’s wonderful to love as animals in the throes of desire…I want the feelings between the five of us to be that good, and to stay that way. Because there’s nothing as wonderful as making love, is there? For now and forever, we’ll keep being a cool band. Go on, read carefully. And many thanks.