Rock Concerts in Japan
What to Expect, and How to Behave

Over the years I’ve been operating This is NOT Greatest Site, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from overseas fans of Japanese bands about what concert-going procedures in Japan are like, and I’ve also seen a lot of similar speculation on various fan forums, so I decided to put all your anxieties to rest in one fell swoop by writing a multi-part article about it.  At long last: everything you ever wanted to know about the nuts and bolts of Japanese concert-going, all in one spot.

And at risk of sounding all kinds of pretentious, jaded, and over-it, I’ll be honest, here at Not Greatest Site, this isn’t our usual style.  As some of you may know from your devoted years of reading NGS, generally we prefer to watch people fend for themselves and laugh at them if they fuck up.  So for all you know, this might be nothing more than a big long magic potato story designed for nothing more than the lulz of getting all nine of your billy goats some wild cool blackout night.  If you got both those jokes I’ll say you can safely distinguish truth from fiction. Otherwise, you’ll just have to trust me to give reliable answers to your burning questions.