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The Cacophony of Mortality 
An analysis of visual symbolism, musical technique, and lyrical themes on Atsushi Sakurai's gothic midlife crisis album I Am Mortal.

So You Want to Be a Goth?
A (Very Short) Beginner's Guide to the Dark Arts
A Not Greatest How-To Guide by Cayce.

Whatever happened to J-fashion in the USA?
Special correspondence by Kame from San Francisco.

A review and analysis of "Melancholia," the first b-side of the leading single for Buck-Tick's 19th full-length original studio album, Arui wa Anarchy.

An analytical journal through the lyrics of Atsushi Sakurai.
Lyrics Analysis by Cayce.

Translation  is much, much more than looking words up in a dictionary.
Cayce gives a step-by-step explanation.

What do Japanese name suffixes mean, and how are they used?
What is the right and wrong way to make a Japanese nickname?

A music reporter writes about her experiences interviewing the young Buck-Tick.

A book chronicling the formation and early history of Buck-Tick.

A gothic Halloween extravaganza featuring performances by Kozi formerly of Malice Mizer, Selia of Tenshi no Revolver backing vocal fame, and more.

Spotlight on Olivia Lufkin: Live Studio Interview at MTV Harajuku
An interview with Olivia Lufkin at KDDI Studio One.