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Whatever happened to J-fashion in the USA?
Special correspondence by Kame from San Francisco.

An analytical journal through the lyrics of Atsushi Sakurai.
Lyrics Analysis by Cayce.

Translation  is much, much more than looking words up in a dictionary.
Cayce gives a step-by-step explanation.

What do Japanese name suffixes mean, and how are they used?
What is the right and wrong way to make a Japanese nickname?

A music reporter writes about her experiences interviewing the young Buck-Tick.

A book chronicling the formation and early history of Buck-Tick.

A gothic Halloween extravaganza featuring performances by Kozi formerly of Malice Mizer, Selia of Tenshi no Revolver backing vocal fame, and more.

Spotlight on Olivia Lufkin: Live Studio Interview at MTV Harajuku
An interview with Olivia Lufkin at KDDI Studio One.