Fact not Fiction

Facts resulting from my observations of the superb lyrebird in the Moruya State Forest during the period of May to September


Fact….Male mates with as many females as possible.

Fact …Male does not usually use old mounds the following year.

Fact …Male’s new mounds are always in the same area as the old ones.

Fact ... Male makes several mounds but favourites are up in the high, open forest areas.

Fact …Male’s concert contents are unique to that particular male.

Fact….Male is not a creature of habit as regards the order in which he visits mounds.

Fact …Male does not like performing on the mound in rain or strong winds.

Fact …Male has acute sense of smell.

Fact …Male has nothing to do with nest building or rearing of chick.

Fact… Male does not build mounds near nest to entertain sitting female.

Fact….Male is territorial and will not tolerate other males in his area.

Fact….Male is extremely shy and wary.

Fact …Male generally takes a “concert” break during middle of day.




Fact ….Female is not as shy as male.

Fact ….Female builds nest weeks before she mates.

Fact ….Female, after nest built, visits as many male “concerts” as possible to select her mate for copulation.

Fact ….Female’s nest site is usually in old stump or the lower fork of a tree..

Fact ….Female never re-uses nest the following year but seems to select similar type of site year after year

            (e.g. may always favour fork of gum ).

Fact ….Female adds down from her breast during the incubation , ( not before) .

Fact ….Female prefers the open drier forest parts for her nest rather than in the deep, fern gullies.

Fact ….Female alone and unaided hatches and rears the one chick.

Fact…. Given time, and frequent visits to the nest by me, the hen protecting her chick became quite tolerant of

             humans and even accepted worms from us.




Fact …Hide need not be elaborate. Two ropes covered with greenery is sufficient.   

Fact …Hide must be upwind and uphill from mound and at least 10 meters away.

Fact …Hide must be outside all possible male approach paths to the mound.

Fact …Insect repellent is not advisable.

Fact …It is a waste of time being in hide during, or just after, rain or in strong winds.