The Superb Lyrebird

Menura novaehollandiae

on the New South Wales south coast, Australia

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My Personal Experiences


The magnificent male

Lyrebird hen experience

Fact not Fiction



Further hen photos

Lyrebird nests

The Lyrebird hen feeding her chick

The Lyrebird hen protecting her chick


The Lyrebirdman full screen slideshow   for this (19 Mb):

The Lyrebirdman slideshow of time-lapse sequence  of photos taken on 25 August 2007 of the hen at the nest. This link is the full screen size of a slide show of 33 photos of 130 Mb. Perhaps best viewed only if you have broadband access. Recommend changing the sequence to 1 second.

Sound Recordings

Listen to the Sound Recordings

Some Technical Background

Sound Recording of Lyrebirds

Time Lapse Photography of Lyrebird



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