Old_School's Star Fleet Battles Webpage

Ken Lin started playing Star Fleet Battles in Ann Arbor in 1987. Along with Ralph Wiazowski (wralph) and Jim Mayes (Foggy), we formed the core of Battle Group Ann Arbor during the period from 1987-1992. Other members of Battle Group Ann Arbor who are no longer active include John Wygrecki and Richard Yu. We attended several ORIGINS gaming conventions, where the annual SFB National Championship is held. The winner of said National Championship is awarded the Gold Hat and the designation of Fleet Captain. ORIGINS used to take place in a different city every year, but now it has a permanent home in Columbus.

I took a break from SFB from 1992-1997, but attended ORIGINS from 1999-2001 with Ralph, Jim, and Christopher Alper (phobis), who was my regular SFB opponent while I was living in San Rafael. I attended ORIGINS again from 2005-2008, and was fortunate enough to win the Gold Hat in 2005 in the Lyran.

Ken has judged 5 SFBOL events: Masters 2005, Flying Deuces VII, World Leagues 2007 and 2008, and RAT 35. Ken also plays regularly online (callsign Old_School). Ken has picked up a few Rated Ace Cards since 1987, an honor given for doing well in single-elimination Tournament events (like the ORIGINS national championship) or SFBOL tournaments (like SFBOL Rated Ace Tournaments). A little known fact is that in order to receive your Rated Ace card, you must demonstrate the ability to parallel-park your starship.