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Finding Your Lute
for Australians:

Option 1: Have one made for you

Jason Petty, now based in Brisbane after decades of professional lute making in both hemispheres abroad, makes spectacular instruments that just keep getting better. He's a pleasure to deal with and has vast experience of lute building. Highly recommended - check out his website!

Australian expatriate luthier, Stephen Murphy, based in France. If you can afford the very best, you will love the unique sound world of lutes made by
Stephen Murphy (France)

And if you are on a budget, you can have a very nice instrument made in Transylvania by
Gyorgy Lorinczki

Charles' first experiences with working wood came via his father, a traditional German carpenter who brought his hand tools and knowledge to Australia in the middle of last century. After more than thirty years making (and playing) lutes, hurdy-gurdies and steel-pan drums, Charles' lutes are to my knowledge the best being made on the Australian mainland at the moment.

Option 2: Get a second-hand lute
 at the
Used Lute Market
Wayne Cripps' page for buying & selling lutes. I have used this page to buy and sell.

Option 3: Get a cheap lute to start with

The Early Music Shop (UK)  have these functional new student lutes for just a few hundred bucks.

And they even work!

Cheap EMS 8-course Lute

Option 4: Make your own lute!

Build Your Own Lute  Resources for Luthiers

Hobbists and amateurs (in the original sense of the word) are the lifeblood of any art or craft - and you have to start somewhere! 


Lute Teachers in Australia:
Australian Lutenist
Andrew Byrne (NSW)

Rosemary Hodgson (Victoria)

Susan King (Tasmania)


Australian Lute Forum
" An informal group of players, makers, and lovers of lutes, vihuelas, early guitars, and their music. This group is a forum for sharing information and building contacts and cooperation throughout Australia and New Zealand. "


Kürschner (Germany)

Toro makes both ram gut and ox gut strings.


The ultimate book about lutes and their kin:

The Lute In Europe II
*The* definitive sourcebook on the organology of all plucked fretted instruments in Europe, by Andreas Schlegel and Joachim Lüdtke 

This book is full of exquisite photographs from the world's best instrument collections, and contains the very latest research on the entire family tree of lutes, guitars, citterns, and their relatives - as well as a poster diagram of the whole family.

Thanks to Susan King for showing me this book!

Copiously illustrated with hundreds of photographs of museum instruments of every kind, this book explores the entire family of plucked instruments from ancient times to the present day, including the very latest research and discoveries (for example, the Chitarra Italiana). An eye-opener in more ways than one! A must-have.


Consort Astraea

My Live Renaissance/Baroque  Multimedia specially crafted project for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy.

Ancient Music Societies & Associations


The Early Music Association
of New South Wales

The Early Music Society of Victoria

Early Music Queensland

[ South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory

Lute Societies:

The United Kingdom