1.  Learn about where the metric system came from  
2.  There are 7 Base Units:
  1. Length
  2. Mass
  3. Time
  4. Electric
  5. Thermodynamic temperature
  6. Amount of substance
  7. Luminous intensity

To learn more about Base Units:


3.  Today will will learn about:  Length.  The Base Unit for length is the:  Meter


4.   Learn also about the centimeter


5.  The millimeter


6.  And the Kilometer


7.  And about conversions related to the meter:


8.  When ready, test your knowledge


Start here (it should be easy) (hint the "PRACTICE" Area)



And then go here:


Work until you get 10question correct!

Then Print it out!


9.  Write a two paragraph report about the origins of the metric system