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Lyons Prepared Minutes 11/13/18

posted Nov 19, 2018, 2:02 PM by Sara Erickson   [ updated Jan 1, 2019, 1:32 PM by Toshen ]

Lyons Prepared

Minutes 11/13/18

Lyons Fire Station


Members Present: Gayle Gordon, Aaron Caplan, Linda Vahrenkamp, Tosh Golias; Joe Lampe,  Joycelyn Fankhouser, Jenny McDade,  Sara Erickson, Keith Roussil


Potential Members: Ben Herr, X-Bar 7 and Blue Mountain area

                                     Jack Jostes, 1-Town West-Confluence area

                                     Kristen Johnson, 10-2-Buster Ranch and Sunship


  1. Recap of Emergency Preparedness Fair: Sara, Gayle, Jocelyn


1.  Gayle reported that most of the participants were people with small children.

  We would have like to have had better attendance, but it was good for the first time.

  People liked the demonstrations. We need more outreach through the schools.

  Aaron shared that there is an event (Fire Week) at the school. For next fair we

  need to do outreach also through the schools.  Aaron shared that Georgia has a

  state funded Stop the Bleed campaign. Maybe Keith could do another

  tourniquet demo. Tosh suggested that having a preparedness fair connected

  with National Night Out.  Maybe add a smoke detector or fire extinguisher

  disposal or exchange could be a draw for the event. We now have pictures to

  use for the next fair.


        2.  Thank you notes to vendors need to be sent out. Jenny will draft and get 
  names/addresses from Gayle. Sara and Joycelyn will help with distribution.


II.         Financial Report-Keith Roussil


            Review of Assets and Expenditures: Total of $1,604.02 current in funds.


III.        Review of 2018 Action Plan


            A.    Prioritize recruiting in the following areas: Eagle Canyon, Confluence, X Bar 7,
                    Lone Star. This is a continuing goal-we now have potential members for Confluence,
                   X-Bar 7.

            B.    Expand neighborhood outreach efforts and continue to network about LP
                    (Accomplished through the Preparedness Fair)

            C.    Emergency kits/backpacks project (Accomplished) 

            D.   Continue to identify funding sources (Accomplished-Received IBM grant) 

            E.    Continue to apply for recognition awards (Applied but did not receive)

  •             F.    More proactive outreach regarding preparedness, for example, lightning strikes.

                G.   Sponsor a CPR/first aid training (Will set for 2019)

      H.   Plan 2018 scenario- Accomplished

    IV.       2019 Goals:


    1.   Recruit for Apple Valley and Eagle Canyon. Continue to expand outreach



    2.   Additional proactive outreach, e.g. prepare one video. Information video on

          Lyons prepared. Or mitigation, first aid, snake bites. Use of a fire



    3.   Plan for 2019 scenario. There would need to be commitment from more

          people in LP to prepare.


    4.   Emergency Preparedness fair for 2019


    5.   LP Members First Aid/CPR training.


    V.  Other Items


                1.   Ben Herr is interested in representing Blue Mountain area, X-Bar 7


                2.   Jack Jostes will is interested in representing 1-Town West-Confluence area.


                3.   Kristen John is interested in representing 10-2-Buster Ranch Sunship Area


                4.   Tosh directed Ben, Jack and Kristen to the membership requirements on the LP


               5.   Linda shared the Spring Gulch plan.


                6.   Joycelyn reported that the town rep from Lyons Human Services and Aging

        Commission thought we were interested in an emergency contact list of

        vunerable residents in Lyons. Tosh has sent emails saying we are not



    VI.   New Meeting Schedule


           The Board decided to hold meetings every other month on odd months. Meeting

           days are changed to 2nd Wednesdays of the month. Radio tests will be 2-3- times

           year in even months.


           Next radio test is 2nd Wednesday in December, which is 12/12/18 at 6:30 p.m.


           2019 Meetings (all at 6:30 p.m.):









    Respectfully submitted,

    Sara Erickson