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LP Steering Committee Minutes-8/21/18

posted Aug 28, 2018, 9:19 AM by Sara Erickson   [ updated Nov 14, 2018, 8:27 AM ]

Lyons Prepared Minutes


Lyons Fire Station


I.    Members present; Bryan Roberts, Aaron Caplan, Mimi Wesson, Lloyd Banta, Sue Suskiewich, Ken Feldman, Gayle Gordon, Tosh Golias, Emily Gubler, Joycelyn Fankhouser, Linda Varenkamp, Keith Roussil, Sue Suskiewich


II.   Welcome to new members: Mimi Wesson (Blue Mountain) Lloyd Banta (Apple Valley)


III.  Important Announcement: Emily will be stepping away from LP. This will be her last meeting. Emily, you will be greatly missed.  Emily will continue to serve with LFD. Emily was presented with a prototype snakebite kit.


IV.  LP Emergency Kits: Members filled go bags with supplies. Linda, Brian, Aaron, Ken/Gayle, Keith, Tosh, Sara took kits home and signed LP Neighborhood Kit Agreements. Thank you to Tosh for your excellent organization of this project.


V.   October Emergency Preparedness Fair: October 13, 2018 at 12:30 p.m. at Fire Station 1


       1. Ken and Gayle passed out flyers for the event for members to share in their neighborhoods


       2. We already have the following commitments: Joycelyn reported that Red Cross and a rep from Larimer Connects will attend. LP reps will have a table. LFD will have fire safety brochures and fire hats for kids


       3. Suggestions for other reps to invite: Boulder County Sheriff, horse rescue,

Snacks will be available.


       4. We would like to have Door prizes. Members will ask local businesses for donations for door prizes and snacks. Board members should have id’s and/or a letter from the Chief when they approach local businesses for a donation. Sue will email Kerry Matre about adding Gayle to the agenda for the 8/28/18 LFD meeting. Gayle will attend and have a discussion with the Chief, Gayle will also discuss the option of getting a picture with a fire fighter kid-activity at the Fair. Maureen Davidich is the contact.


      5.  We should ask vendors to give demonstrations. Chief will talk to BC animal control. If they are unavailable maybe Longmont Humane Society can send a rep. Possible get a rep to demonstrate fire extinguishers.


      6.   The following members will approach local businesses:


            Joycelyn: Clarks

            Bryan: Murdochs

            Sara: St. Vrain Market

            Linda Dog related: Linda

            Sue: Lyons vet: Sue

            Ken: Harbor Freight


       7.  Sara will put flyers local businesses about 2-3 weeks before the fair. 


       8.  Shannon will be asked to submit an article to the local media.


       9.  Flyers can go on community bulletin board and town marquee. (Unsure who will take responsibility for this?


       10.  Aaron will contact Kim at the town regarding including a notice with utility bill regarding the fair. Aaron will also contact the schools regarding making an announcement regarding the fair.


       11.  Joycelyn will add notices to the LP website and Lyons happenings.


       12.   LP will pass out flip books to attendees and OEM guides in English and Spanish


       13.  All board members should try to attend and man the booth.


       14.  Sara will research refrigerator magnets and report via email on cost.


VI.  September scenario set for 9/15/18


       1. Tosh needs a volunteer to help him create scenario. Mimi agreed to help Tosh review previous scenario.


       2. We need people in their homes and people at the fire station


       3. Sara, Gayle and Ken, Keith and Bryan will observe scenario at station


       4, Aaron will host at his home; Linda will host at her home with Mimi attending

Tosh will host at his home


       5. Tosh will send an email listing what we still need and what we have decided to do.


VII. CO-Chair


       1. Tosh invited members to consider assuming the co-chair position.


Respectfully submitted


Sara Erickson